Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Bust a move

In just a few short weeks {maybe sooner} I will know where my husband will be transferred to. I'm not too picky, I am just hoping for a much warmer climate {NO West coast} but the US Government makes that decision. The next challenge will be selling this house and I am not looking forward to that part. I am ready for this headache to be over with and my family to be together again!


  1. Oh boy. I hope it's some place that you really, really, really love.

    For real? You deserve it.

  2. Where's your dream spot? I want to move to the San Diego area sooooooooooo badly. Most of my family is there and I HATE THIS CLIMATE.

  3. Thanks Kylee!
    I don't really think I have a dream spot. I would absolutely love the Outer Banks area. It is beautiful there. Just somewhere warmer. We'll see. I'm so excited to find out!


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