Monday, December 6, 2010

Artsy Fartsy

I love to do arts and crafts with my kids. Every Christmas we try to do something special. We've done handprint Santas, thumbprint reindeer, paper snowflake wreaths and these snowy balloon ornaments from Martha Stewart. They are super easy to make, although I can't even blow up a balloon, and so pretty! We made a bunch of these for gifts and the rest are adorning our tree. Here's how to make yours:

Tools and Materials
Ball of cotton string
Craft glue
Metallic thread
Spray mount
Evergreen branch

Snowy Balloon Ornaments How-To
1. Blow up the balloon until it's slightly smaller than your fist. Tie the end of the cotton string to the end of the balloon.

2. Thin the glue slightly with water and brush some on the bottom of the balloon to tack down the string. Begin wrapping the string vertically around the balloon. When 3/4 of the balloon is covered vertically, begin wrapping the string horizontally. To change direction, wrap the string around the tied-off end of the balloon. Continue until 3/4 of the balloon is wrapped horizontally.

3. Cut the string and secure it with a dab of glue. Brush the watered-down craft glue all over the string-covered balloon. Pinch the top of the balloon with a clothespin and thread the clothespin onto a dowel that you've suspended between two points. Allow to dry for several hours.

4. Once dry, pop the balloon with a pin and remove it, using tweezers, if necessary. Add a loop of metallic thread and brush the balloon with glue again. Working over a bowl, spoon on glitter and set aside to dry.

5. Spray the branch with spray mount and spoon on glitter. Allow to dry. Affix the ornament to the branch.

Read more at Snowy Balloon Ornaments - Martha Stewart Crafts


  1. Beautiful! I'll have to try this....thanks!

  2. SO COOL! I feel like someone would buy these for mucho dinero in a home store. Thanks for sharing.

  3. Tip: make sure they are really, really dry before popping the balloon otherwise they will look a little deflated. Also we used different colored glitter to make them all different. Kids loved making these!

  4. Those a lurvely. Athena and I are always looking for crafts to do. (Zofia just tries to eat stuff.)

  5. Ok, I totally attempted this over the weekend. Out of 8 attempted, 2 turned out. They did get deflated but I let them dry overnight. I don't think I added enough glue or I over-diluted the glue. I had the urge the whole time to hairspray them.

    The ones that turned out were awesome.

    Also - I could only find yarn-ish type material. What kind of string did you use exactly?

  6. Try using the string/twine(?) from the hardware store. They will keep their shape better too!


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