Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Welcome to my nightmare

While dealing with all of Logan's issues we found out that our renter's broke their lease and split without telling us. Nice. When we moved to New Orleans we had kept our house, our first house, with hopes of making money...hindsight. We've had two sets of renters. Neither one worked out. {I'm sensing a trend here.} Our house is older but we took care of it. My renters did not. To make a long story short, they had cats, two of them {NTTAWWT}. We have a NO PET policy. I kid you not, my house smelled like a friggin' litter box! The carpet was only 5 years old and it was completely ruined. I had it professionally cleaned and deodorized. That didn't even work. On top of that there was water damage, the place was filthy, the yard was trashed...the list goes on and on. My neighbor said that he could count on one hand how many times they raked leaves and mowed the grass in two years. Awesome. My eaves had trees growing in them. Hmmm, wonder why my roof leaks? Better question, WHY THE HELL AM I PAYING A RENTAL MANAGER?

We knew that in its current condition, we could not possibly rent it out and we sure as hell can't sell it. We left New Orleans in 2009, we were so lucky our home sold in less than a week. C's tour in Virginia was only 2 years so we were renting a house there. We only had ONE option at this point. I was not working so I had to move back to the house and give up our rental. Paying for two houses was not an option especially since I needed a new car. That meant living apart until next summer, by myself, with three kids, one being a special needs kid, while my husband lives on his boat. Ugh! I miss you career, I'll write soon...

Our landlord was kinda a tool but we gave him 60 days notice and he was able to find someone to move in the week we moved out. Thank goodness! C got here a day before me and I am glad he did. He walked into the house and almost puked from the smell. He knew we couldn't wait a week for the new carpet so he and his dad and step-mom ripped out all of the carpet themselves. The carpet looked okay, it just stunk, really bad. Lurking on the under side of the carpet were tons of yellow-orange pee stains. It was just plain disgusting. The kicker is my rental manager was defending these a-holes and saying she didn't smell anything when she did the walk through with them. I'm thinking she did the walk through with a blind fold and nose plugs. Idiot. Once I arrived and saw the house, I cried sobbed. Pretty much nothing worked. Not the dishwasher, not the plumbing (bathroom and laundry room), not the heating and air, NOTHING and I didn't even have carpet! I just don't know how people can have such a lack of respect for other people's property. I was sick to my stomach. Needless to say, we got a lawyer.

So I'm back in the 'ole house again. It is a work in progress. We have done and are going to be doing some good things to it to modernize it. It's a slow process since C is doing all the work. I hope that it sells because I don't want to have to go through this again. It has literally, and figuratively, been a nightmare. We've definitely had some challenges but this will be the toughest 10 months of our lives. It's nothing we can't overcome. I cannot wait till next summer so my family can be together again.


  1. Oh and I didn't even mention the fact that my OCD makes it *extremely difficult* to stay in a hotel let alone this dump. I cleaned until my skin was peeling off!

  2. I hope you got a damn good lawyer!

    I had renters and a very specific no smoking policy. It was fun when I found a cigarette burn in my couch cushion AFTER WE RETURNED THEIR SECURITY DEPOSIT! I still curse myself for that.

    Ugh, I'm disgusted by people who treat things this way. They're animals. But it seems like you're a creative gal, so maybe it will be fun redoing some things and making it cute again.

  3. Oh my goodness - I just want to reach through the interweb and give you a huge hug.

    I can't imagine.

    The only thing I can say is this: (choose whichever you prefer)

    a.) you reap what you sew
    b.) karma is a biotch

    These people, will no doubt, get what's coming to them. In the meantime, I offer you support and so much encouragement.

    I hope these 10 months literally FLY by.

  4. Oh my goodness, HUGS to you. I can't believe (or maybe I can) how some people can be SO disrespectful. We talked about when T. moves to Cinci for a year renting our house and I will move to a small appt, but after hearing stories of renters we quickly decided it could be more trouble then it is worth.

    I hope it works out for you and the next 10 months go by really fast.

  5. OMG! That is a horror story! We have had our house on the market forEVER and we've been given the "advice" to just "rent it out" instead of trying to sell it -- um, NO! I want a clean break from the place and I so do not trust anyone to keep our house as nice as we do. Some people just live like scabs.


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