Monday, November 22, 2010


Did you see them on the AMAs last night?!?! In case you missed it, click here. Um, AWESOME. I saw NKOTB back when I was 16 and again a couple years ago. I went with my friend Jill. We had so-so floor seats but then, right next to us, a STAGE popped up! There. They. Were. Donnie totally pointed to me (I have the picture to prove it) and Joey Joe and I made eye contact. Yes! Eye contact! ~Swoon~ It was a fabulous concert. It made up for the nosebleed seats I had the first time.
I've never been much of a BSB fan but they were great on the AMAs with NKOTB. I think I must see this. Who's in?


  1. I fell asleep so early I missed everything!!

    My mom and I were fans of both groups. We'd stick BSB pictures in random places for the other to find. Example: a BSB picture would be waiting for her in her briefcase to open in front of coworkers.

  2. I thought this was the ONE redeeming moment of the AMAs. Crazy as that may be...

  3. So I am a dork and never liked NKOTB. My dad even made me a tape from the library but I did not like them.

    Now, me not liking them is not why I am a being a dork is because instead of being a normal kid and listening to NKOTB, I listened to Elvis Costello, Was Not Was, Little Feat, The Who....and other bands from the 70's.

    See - DORK.

  4. Omg. I'm smiling as I type this. AND, I'll have you know, I'm watching the youtube link right now. Awesome.

    I love NKOTB.

    I **ADORE** Donny. (And I have an even bigger crush on Mark Wahlberg, but that's another post.)

  5. LOVE THIS! A girl that works with me didn't know who NKOTB was. Geeeeeez....


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