Thursday, November 18, 2010

Life imitating art

Parenthood. I love this show as I loved the movie, if not more. Back when this premiered in March, I was hooked on the character Max. I didn't know why. I was, at that time, having difficulties with my own son so I could relate to the Bravermans. I could see similarities in Max and my son, Logan. Little did I know that Max and Logan had a lot more in common than I realized.
Did I mention I love this show? My only critique of the autism storyline is that everything happened so fast, which is completely unrealistic. You don't just discover your kid is a a little "odd", magically get him into this highly sought after doc and *BOOM* you are handed a diagnosis. Sorry doesn't happen like that. A lot goes into daignosing an ASD (autism spectrum disorder). It has taken us many months to arrive to this diagnosis for Logan. What this show does do is create awareness for ASDs and shows you a tidbit of what a family with a child on the spectrum may deal with. I encourage you to watch not just for that reason but simply because it's a show about a crazy family. I think we can all relate to that.


  1. When is it on again? What network?

    I watched the first two episodes and liked them, but then I stopped for some reason. Would I be too behind to start again?

  2. You may be a little lost but it's worth going back and watching from the beginning. It is on Tuesday's at 10 on NBC. You can watch full episodes from season 1 on Hulu and and season 2 is on On Demand.

  3. I LOVE this show for so many reasons. Most of all, besides being slightly exaggerated at times for TV, it seems that one or more of the storyliness would resonate with any of our own families. I like that.

    EVERY time I watch this show I think of you and Logan and have wondered what your thoughts are on how they portray autism. I agree, it is FANTASTIC they are making more people aware and showing struggles from all ends in dealing with it.


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