Wednesday, November 3, 2010

The bad kid

Where do I begin...
I guess you always know when your child is different. Sometimes it's difficult to admit it to yourself. We have been told since Logan was in kindergarten that he had "behavior problems". Sure he wasn't the model student that his older brother was. The teachers all knew and loved Hayden. Logan had a different kind of reputation, he was the bad kid. I was constantly having meetings with the teacher and/or the vice principal. It got old, real fast. I was told in a nutshell that my son had ADHD (although they legally cannot say that). I wasn't buying it. Honestly I think that this is an over diagnosed disorder, an excuse to dope up kids that just need an outlet and some good old fashioned discipline. Logan was the youngest in his class. I chocked it up to maturity level.
We moved to Virginia when Logan was in first grade. Within ONE week, I had received my first phone call from the teacher. Shit! She told us the same thing as the kindergarten teacher, only she made me feel like a bad parent. The next day I called Logan's pediatrician. He agreed to have Logan evaluated. Basically my husband, myself and the teacher all filled out forms. It was determined that Logan had ADHD. The next step I was dreading: meds. I had been tormented with the thought of putting him on medication but it was worth a shot. We owed it to Logan.
The Dr started him on a low dose and he seemed to take it really well but we didn't see any difference and he was still acting up in school. His dosage was increased. Still nothing. Hmmmm. Then we tried a different drug. I was concerned about this particular one because it has been known to cause weight loss. Logan is already terribly thin and his weight is the minimum for the medication. The teacher claimed he was doing better but we were still getting phone calls and notes in his daily agenda from her. We kept him on the meds on the weekends and truthfully, we didn't notice a difference at all. Every time we went to the Dr, I expressed my concern that the meds weren't working. In fact his behavior was becoming so erratic that I actually begged the Dr for help. Nothing else seemed to be working. I knew there was something wrong with my son. I just knew it...


  1. This is so big of you to share. I hope it's just the beginning, and that there are more posts to come.


  2. ((( HUGS ))) I don't have much knowledge on this disorder, other than my brother was "the bad kid". I am sure that if they diagnosed it as much as they do now he would have too been considered ADHD. My brother could never sit still, or stay focused so he always made his own entertainment however that may have looked.... But as he got older he became really active in soccer and I think that helped him get all that extra energy out! Have you tried sports yet?? Also my Mom cut out all sugar from his diet. No white bread, sweets or anything that had artificial sweetners. I think that helpedthe most. Food effects our kids in all different ways.

    Good Luck! I will pray that you find answers soon!

  3. But wait, there's more...stay tuned!
    Thanks ladies :)


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