Thursday, August 19, 2010

Wellies, Galoshes and Rain Boots oh my!

Who knew rainy days could be so fun? Whether you want a solid color, an animal print or a funky pattern, today's rain boot styles will definitely brighten up your rainy days! Check out these affordable little numbers.

Sea Glass Multicolor rain boots from Target for just $24.99. Target has quite the variety (check em out here), you just have to hope that they have your size in stock. Not to mention Target hasn't been great to me on the shipping front. Good luck.

If it's a solid color you desire well then look no further! Kamik Heidi rain boots come in a variety of cool colors: lime, royal blue, plum, red, black and khaki for $39.95 on

For you funky gals these Capelli Party Animal rain boots are right up your ally for $38.90 from I'm personally loving these.

Animal prints are every where these days and I am on that bandwagon!
On the pricier end, Ballard Designs offers leopard, giraffe and zebra prints for $65.

Happy Shopping!


  1. I twittered about these last week! Every time I wear mine someone comments on how cute they are and how they need to get a pair. They are seriously one of the best decisions I've made. I love tromping around through the rain in them with my work pants tucked in :)

    Got mine at Target. They were on clearance.

    Mad love for galoshes!

  2. So cute. And so fun. I have a pair of great wellies in my storage unit in Ohio.... Oh, how I miss them.


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