Friday, December 11, 2009

Makin' cookies

A favorite family tradition of ours is decorating Christmas cookies together. I've been doing it since I was a kid. This is the same cookie and frosting recipe my mom used...even the cookie cutters are mostly the same. I have bought some new ones periodically.
The boys got to make the cut outs first and we baked them and then they got to decorate their cookies.

Hayden getting very detailed in his cookie art.

Logan had a little difficulty frosting, so I helped frost and he put the sprinkles on....on the cookie, on the counter and on the floor!

He go the shiner from his brother. Nice huh?

Hayden's cookies

This was my favorite...Logan's Santa. I think those red things are his eyes...he's possessed!

Even Chad got into the cookie decorating action. He made the Blue man group, the Jackson 5, a yellow snowman (don't eat yellow snow) get the idea.

Here is the Blue Man group.

What if any are some of your family traditions?

Life's a beach

I decided that this year we were going to take Christmas pictures on the beach and I was going to do them. I'm a glutton for punishment!

It was THE perfect day. 70 degrees and sunny. All the kids wanted to do is run. And all Bryn wanted to do it this:

and this...

Chad said, and I quote "she looks like a turd covered in sand".

Chad did this:
That is him, in the background, on his phone...the Colts were playing.

Despite one or all of them not cooperating, after about 200 or so shots, I did manage to get some good pics.

And here are the three that made my Christmas cards:

Merry Christmas!


Open For Business!

This, on top of everything else, is why I have been so busy. But I finally got it up and running! Check out Fleur de Lulu!!