Monday, November 30, 2009

Promo Code

Just for Cyber Monday I have a promo code for the Mineral Case. Get it for $19.99!!
You're welcome!

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  1. Screw Black Friday, THIS is the day I love to shop. I prefer only shopping from the comfort of my home while sitting in my pj's snacking on cheese and crackers. I really see no reason why a person should fight crowds when I have an inbox full of 40%, 50%, & 60% off promo codes and free shipping everywhere I look. I mean, really, if I was rich I would just wait and do all my shopping today.

    Thanks for the promo code & happy cyber monday to you!

    P.S. I was checking out all the places who have deals and seeing what last minute christmas shopping I can take care of and the Kohls website was down due to the high volume of people going to their website. Recession my ass!


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