Tuesday, November 24, 2009

I totally want this

Have you ever been on Facebook and seen those annoying ads on the side and think "Who buys this crap?". I said that until this caught my eye: the Mineral Makeup storage organizer. I love my mineral make up and I have a lot of it. In my last bathroom, I had a large vanity with drawers that allowed me to easily store my make up. Unfortunately in my new bathroom I don't have any drawers and unless I break out my old Caboodles, I have nowhere to put it. Until now.

The Mineral case comes in black or brown and retails for $24.99. You can use it for travel, which is convenient, or you can set it on your vanity. Now if I can just keep the make up from getting ALL OVER the place!


  1. That's awesome! I didn't know they had these out there for retail.

    And those ads on Facebook, I too thought they were stupid. Then I saw they were selling band t-shirts for $10. Consider me hooked.

  2. That's really cool! I want one!

    My ads on Facebook are always about weight loss. :(

  3. I have this site bookmarked now...that is awesome! Thanks for posting!

  4. If you like that, you'll love this. And if you like Giorgio, you'll love Primo.

    For realsies, I have the Bare Minerals case in the link. I love it because it stores my brushes in one zippered part and the other zippered part has two trays. One for my foundations, mineral veil, warmth, blush, etc. and the other for my eyeshadows/liners. It also has two clear zippered pouches inside. It's great for when I'm running late for work and have to do my makeup in the patient bathroom (better lighting). Yes, I do my makeup on the clock. Just doing my part to keep healthcare costs down.

  5. t.w.i.t., I have a Bare Minerals travel case and a Pottery Barn one. I needed one specifically to store on/under my bathroom counter. I was going to go to Bed Bath and Beyond and look for some kind of plastic organizer tray. I have to see my make up, I don't want it in a bag all the time. That bag is nice!

    I could never do my make up at work...I would never have been able to. Usually there was a patient waiting when I g0t there. Isn't it annoying when people are prompt for their appointments when it inconveniences you? The nerve.

  6. Awesome.
    I love that you mentioned your caboodle.

    I for one, cannot STAND that Bare Minerals does not PRINT THE NAME OF THE PRODUCT on the lid. It pisses me off.

    (Sorry for my quick lightening of anger.)

  7. freckleface, I'd love to send you The Mineral Case. Send me your mailing address & let me know if you'd like chic black or chocolate brown. You can email me at barbara@themineralcase.com or message me through The Mineral Case Facebook page.

    And...did I read you were moving to Richmond VA? If so, Welcome!

  8. Wow! Behold the power of the Internet.

    (Note to self: Write an "I totally want this" post about that purple leather Coach bag.")


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