Monday, November 30, 2009

Promo Code

Just for Cyber Monday I have a promo code for the Mineral Case. Get it for $19.99!!
You're welcome!

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

I totally want this

Have you ever been on Facebook and seen those annoying ads on the side and think "Who buys this crap?". I said that until this caught my eye: the Mineral Makeup storage organizer. I love my mineral make up and I have a lot of it. In my last bathroom, I had a large vanity with drawers that allowed me to easily store my make up. Unfortunately in my new bathroom I don't have any drawers and unless I break out my old Caboodles, I have nowhere to put it. Until now.

The Mineral case comes in black or brown and retails for $24.99. You can use it for travel, which is convenient, or you can set it on your vanity. Now if I can just keep the make up from getting ALL OVER the place!

Fancy Feet

I had a hard time shopping for shoes for Bryn. I didn't want cheap shoes but I didn't want to spend a fortune either and they had to be cute. Super cute. Look at these from Morgan and Milo. I love sparkles...because I'm 14...

They are even cuter in person...and on Bryn.

I love the leg warmers too! I love shopping for little girls.

She has a potential career in shoe modeling.

They are great and they go with so much. I love the rubber soles because she runs EVERYWHERE! Every now and then I will find a little speckle of glitter but all in all the glitter doesn't shed. If you want to check out some really cute baby/kid shoes go here.

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

I'm now a Virginian

I moved! It feels so good to be in my own home again, with my entire family. I couldn't ask for anything more...well maybe a job too. Currently I am living in a box forest, slowly weeding my way out. I need to paint just about everything and "make it my own". I'm also working on stock for my Etsy shop and a craft show, which I am totally behind on. I have TV shows backing up on the DVR. We all have to go to the doctor and the dentist. My driver's license is expired. I need to get Christmas pictures of the kids done. I need to start Christmas shopping at some point. I'm more than a little behind on these things. Life. is. busy.
I will post pics of my new digs stay tuned!