Wednesday, August 26, 2009


Well, I'm still homeless. We had actually found the perfect house. It was awesome. Too good to be true apparently. It was in a great new development right smack dab in the middle of a bad neighborhood. But that wasn't the was the elementary school. I searched it online and was reading parent reviews. It was given one star out of 5. One parent said they wouldn't send a dog there and another stated that there were discipline problems on the playgrounds (bullying?). The staff didn't care and ignored this parent. Also there weren't computers in the classrooms. HUH? How can this be 2009 and no computers? I wanted the house but not at the expense of my children's education.
Back to the drawing board! We found several other homes that seemed great but they got snatched up before we could even look at them. It seems that a lot of people are renting now. We have competition.
Part of the problem is is that I am in North Carolina, staying with my dad. Chad is living on his boat. So he has to work, eat and work. He is also the boss so every time someone needs something he is always there. It's a huge pain. Not to mention the bed he sleeps in is for a 6' tall person. Chad is 6'6" and he has to duck...a lot! He has to work and find a house all by himself. I feel bad for him.
In the meantime I have enrolled the boys in school here in NC. I think getting them back into a routine and having something to do will help them and me.
I just hope that our quest for a home ends soon. Prayers welcome!


  1. first let me say this: i've missed your blogging! welcome back!

    and now....i have been keeping you guys in my thoughts and saying a little prayer for you and your search for the right house! i know it will happen for you!

  2. You are definitely in my thoughts and I hope something works out very very soon. Sorry you have to go through all this :(


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