Thursday, August 27, 2009

Target...I am really disappointed in you

I was an avid Tori & Dean watcher, don't judge me. I love Tori Spelling's clothes. I really watched it to see what she was wearing, or at least that is what I told myself. One accessory she wore many times was this gold, braided headband. I wanted it. I found one on Target's website and it was only available online, so I ordered July. It's nearly September and I have yet to receive it. I checked on it today and it says I should receive it anytime between August 26th and September 7th. Whatever Target! This is the first and last time I will shop at

UPDATE 08-31-09:
I emailed Target today in regards to my order and their response was: um, yeah, about your's on backorder now...blah blah blah...we try to ship orders in a prompt fashion...blah blah...cancel your order if you want to, you're just one person and in the grand scheme of things, your $13 doesn't even make a dent...thank you for shopping Target.

I am really, really disappointed.


  1. should complain to them. That is ridiculous!

  2. I adore Tori Spelling. So NoTorious was HILARIOUS.

    Uncool, Target... uncool.

  3. The same this happened with me. I ordered some bathing suits for the girls in early July and as of early to mid August, one still was waiting to be shipped. I called and canceled my order, which they were surprisingly fine with.


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