Friday, May 8, 2009

VA Beach

We went to Virginia Beach this week to hopefully find a house, but we didn't. I was a little disappointed in the choices we had to look at. We are choosing to rent since the market is so bad and it is only a two year duty. It wouldn't pay off for us to buy. I am accustomed to my NEW house with a huge back yard for my three kids and two dogs. I am NOT going to find that, but I was hoping to find something close. Upon arrival we went directly to the real estate office where I got to meet two of my Twitter friends, Alison and Naoma (see what social networking can do). Alison was helping us find a house and Naoma just popped in to meet us and say hi. Great people!

Finding a hotel would seem just as challenging as finding a house to rent. If you have read my blog you know I have OCD. Well I have a paralyzing fear of hotels (thanks Dateline for making it worse). We found a room on the beach with a balcony overlooking the beach. I love to listen to the waves crash on the beach. One of my favorite sounds! The hotel seemed really nice and clean. We got up to our room and it too appeared really nice and clean. Compared to what I stayed in when we evacuated for Gustav, this was the freakin' Waldorf Astoria! I always have to "inspect" the room before I decide to keep it. The bed was really clean with bright white linens, although I didn't have my black light to check for ahem, proteins. It had a clean dresser with a flat screen T.V. and the bathroom looked updated with a granite counter top. It seemed to have passed my test. We were going to take a walk on the beach but I wanted to unpack a few things. Chad decided to watch some T.V. while he waited for me. There on the remote control (one of the filthiest things ever) was a hair...from "down there". Son-of-a-bitch! He surreptitiously whisked the remote into the bathroom and like a surgeon, removed the offending hair and disposed of it. Then being the resourceful person he is, removed the plastic wrapper from a cup and made a "jimmy hat" for the now tainted remote control. Blech! If only I could call CSI out to test this place.

Here are some of my rules for hotels:
  • Never walk barefoot. EVER!
  • Never sit on the toilet unless you cover it with toilet paper and that is only if you HAVE to.
  • Pull the comforter from the bed and look for stains/hair on the sheets.
  • Make sure the towels are clean.
  • NEVER use a glass or an ice bucket.
  • and now I can add...Don't use the remote control unless you have cleaned it. (I will always carry disinfectant wipes with me now)

The beach was really nice but the water was cold, very cold! We had dinner and did a little shopping. The next day we looked for houses with Alison. She was so great to drive us around and give us the scoop on the area and the schools. Thanks Alison!!

We were unsuccessful in our quest to find a house this time but hopefully when Chad returns next week he will find it!

Half the freeway was dry and sunny and the other half poured and hailed. Crazy!

Chad's new station

one of the boats...Chad's boat was out

The Old Coast Guard Station on the Boardwalk. We went on the tour. It was really interesting. I learned about the history of the CG.

The Beach


Chad realizing how COLD the Atlantic was.



  1. GROSS!! That isn't cool and WHY is there a hair (from down there) on the remote. blech.

    Good luck finding a house, hopefully you will be able to find something prefect for your family really soon!

    (um, how cute are the two of you?!?!)

  2. I would also like to add that you should fold the sheet over the top of the comforter when you sleep. As to avoid touching the comforter. Chances are they don't wash the comforter as often as they wash the sheets. (If ever. Ew.)

  3. uh, as for the remote...gross.

    good luck finding a house! :)

    and i just have to say, when i walked into Barnes & Noble today I saw a whole display of Julianne Moore's books with that little red haired Freckelface on the front! I immediately thought of you. :)

  4. I will never look at hotels the same(thanks!).

    Hopefully we can see you when we come to VA. Do you know any good hotels on the beach??

  5. Welcome to the beach. We are also in the process of finding a house in Va Beach. We currently live in Hampton... so not as easy as I thought it would be. Hope ya'll find something you love soon! -Ginny

    - I found your Blog through Naoma's profile. Hope you don't mind.

    - And I LOVE the drawing.. LMAO


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