Thursday, March 12, 2009

Would you wear this?

First of all I want to say that I am not a big fan of hair extensions BUT Katie looks much better with them. I was not a big fan of her short quaff. Second...are those stirrup leggings? The dress is cute and the shoes match perfectly but the leggings? Leggings are cute with say a denim skit and some sneaks, not a beautiful evening dress. Did I mention they were STIRRUP leggings? This is one past fashion trend that needs to stay in the past. I remember being in Jr. High and going to The Limited and getting my Forenza stirrup leggings with my Outback Red shirt, (that had the tag on the back so everyone could see it), and thinking I was HOT S**T! Looking did look like s**t alright. So I ask you...would you wear this?


  1. I think those ARE stirrups! I'm beginning to think she's trying to be the person to bring back all of the awful trends of the 90s....remember the picture of her with Tom's jeans (or what appeared to be his jeans) french rolled/pegged? Not cool, Katie.

    I would wear the dress in a heartbeat...maybe the shoes, but the leggings totally ruin the outfit and make it look cheap to me. I also agree that her hair looks better longer.

  2. Negative, Ghostrider.
    However, I had to smile about your OBR shirt and Limited leggings - THOSE were the days!

  3. uh, no. i would not wear this. perhaps that is why i'm not a celebrity. :)

    uh, do her shoes match her skirt and top?

    and...why does she walk/stand like that....she looks like she might fall backward.

  4. As an overview, the outfit doesn't look THAT bad. But when you deconstruct it and start talking about stirrup pants, then I have an issue.

    I love the dress and the shoes though! Like, a lot.

    I'm torn on the hair. I liked the bob she had, I did not like the pixie cut or whatever that was. It always looked messy. So I would take the long hair over that. I definitely think this long hair makes her look a lot younger.

  5. If I was a size 0 and some designer was paying me an obscene amount of money to wear this - yes!

    At 5", not tan, and on weight watchers, not a chance in hell.

  6. I hate to admit this, but I actually kind of like this outfit, stirrup leggings and all. I also enjoy her extensions. I usually think she looks like shit.

  7. Oh, and Sassy, I don't think she wears Tom's jeans. Tom's jeans would fit her like Bermuda shorts.


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