Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Hooray for Hollywierd!

It's Oscar time again and although I have a general distaste for Hollywood, I rather enjoy the Oscars. I love to see what people are wearing, and not wearing. I am curious to see who/what (Mickey Rourke) wins this year. There is quite a colorful array of nominees. Who are your Oscar picks? Read mine in the comments.



  1. Actor:
    -Who I want to win: Brad Pitt
    -Whi I think will win: Sean Penn

    Actor, Supporting:
    -Want: Heath Ledger
    -Will: Heath Ledger

    - Want: Kate Winslet
    - Will: Meryl Streep (when she is nominated you know you are screwed)

    Actress, Supporting:
    -Want: ?? Marisa Tomei
    -Will: Marisa Tomei

    Best Picture:
    -Want: The Curious Case of Benjamin Button
    -Will: Slumdog Millionaire

    Do the rest really matter??

  2. my thoughts (not necessarily who i want to win, but rather who i think will win)...

    best actor: mickey rourke
    best supporting actor: heath ledger
    best actress: kate winslet
    best supporting actress: amy adams
    best picture: slumdog millionaire

    i'd like to say though: i really would like to see an upset in the best picture category. 'slumdog' has won every award so far and i'd like to see something else win.

  3. Love the Oscars. I love the old Hollywood feeling of them. And of course I always enjoy seeing the fashion. Who don't?

    And, not only do I love watching the Oscars, I also heart making predictions...

    Best Actor:
    Should win: Mickey Rourke (Did you SEE this movie? Wow!)
    Will win: Sean Penn

    Best Actress:
    Will win: Kate Winslet

    Supporting Actor:
    No doubt: Heath Ledger.

    Supporting Actress:
    This is a toughie. I'm going to go with Viola Davis.

    Will win: Slumdog Millionaire.


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