Monday, February 23, 2009

Endymion 2009

Saturday night we took the family to the parades in Uptown New Orleans. First we walked around the Quarter and shopped in the French Market. It was pretty nice weather about 70 and partly sunny. There were a lot of people there. As we were walking down Decatur St., there was a party van with a group of people drinking on top. I hear "Hey the stroller!" Bryn got her first cat call! (mark that in her baby book) Normally I don't encourage this behavior, but I couldn't stop laughing. Drunk ass!
We stopped back at Chad's office in front of the Superdome to potty and get a snack, grabbed our chairs and it was off to Endymion. We found our spot on the corner of Poydras and St. Charles. We even ran into Hayden and Logan's music teacher. (small world) It was fun. We made friends with some people from Baton Rouge. They were giving all their beads to the boys. At one point Bryn grabbed some beads from around some guy's neck and almost choked him. But he thought she was cute so he even gave her the beads. It seemed that people thought they could cut through our little area to cross the street even though we were all yelling at them to go around. This drunk loser took a spill on the curb and landed on Logan. I tried to catch him. I helped him up and he apologized profusely and I said "You need to go around. You just fell on my little boy! Geez!". His little woman got lippy with me and called me a "stuck up bitch". Well nobody messes with me or my kids...YOU WILL GET BEAT DOWN. They obviously didn't see the 6'6" 270# man holding the little baby standing next to me. Long story short, she did the smart thing and walked away. She wasn't as cocky once I stepped towards her and asked her if she had a problem. Drunk, stupid and probably only 20/21 yrs old. Stay on Bourbon St. if you are going to act like an ass!
Kid Rock was the Grand Marshall. He was lipsynching to All Summer Long. Apparently I was confused as to his identity because I was taking pictures of some guy I thought was Kid Rock. Chad said "Um do you think that maybe he's the guy with the MICROPHONE?" Hey it was dark! REO Speedwagon was also aboard a float. I heard some girl behind me ask her guy friend "Who is that?" his response was "Some old band from like the 70's." Thank you for making me feel old!
We didn't stay for the whole parade, the kids were chilly and tired and we were just paraded out at that point. As we were leaving, this group of Michiganders behind us pulled Chad aside. "Hey man we have a bet going as to how tall you are and how big your feet are." Chad replied "6'6" and 18". I am not sure who won but I heard cheering and a "holy shit". You know what they say about big feet? Big shoes!
Some Mardi Gras Etiquette:
1. We locals stake out our spots very early. Do not think that you are going to weasel your way in. Not happening! Respect the locals!!
2. Do not stand in front of a child...especially mine!
3. Don't try to cut through our spot. GO AROUND!
4. Watch the language around the kids.
5. If your drunk ass falls on me or my are goin' down!
6. Make nice with the people around you
7. We love out of towners to hang with us. Heed the rules above.
8. Ask questions. We are glad to answer!
9. Share the love. Don't be a bead hog. Share and share alike!
10. Don't dive in front of people to catch the throws. Your elbow is the hardest part of your body. Yeah I said elbow...and it hurts!
11. Have fun!

Here are some pics I took. Regrettably I wasn't able to take more. It is very difficult to take pictures and watch three kids and the parade.

Here is my Mardi Gras princess

...and the Dukes!

Mommy and Bryn waiting for the parade


Listening to Kid Rock lipsynch "All Summer Long". I was taking pictures of the wrong guy the whole time. OY!

Throw me something mister!

This was hard to see but these are the flambeaus. They look like indigents with torches and you give them money. They were used to light the way for the parades that rolled in the dark.

Kids trying to get the throws

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  1. Dude, that guy looks NOTHING like Kid Rock! He's wearing a leisure suit!

    When you got in that girl's face, did you say "You drive an Olero!"???


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