Monday, February 23, 2009

And the winners are...

Hugh looked dashing!
HUGH...why the musicals? WHY?! My gaydar is going off.

In the battle between Jenn and Angie...the winner is Angie.

I loved her dress. The green jade (?) jewelry was a great pop of color.

Kate was my favorite. Old Hollywood, vintage style and she pulled it off beautifully! You stay classy Kate!

Love it, simple and elegant!

SJP looks ethereal in this number. Very pretty.

Robert Downey Jr. has never looked better! He's a comeback kid that hopefully is here to stay!

Tina Fey looked gorgeous. I loved her hair!

He can sink his teeth in me any day!

"Jingle bells, jingle bells."

Is he going to the Oscars or preparing for his next roll in the sequel to Saturday Night Fever...Sunday Night Hangover?

Do these curtains make my butt look big?

Heidi goes RED for Oscar. She should have gone back to the dress shop. UG!

Crazy, party of ONE!

Quick hide your Oscars...there is a bandit loose in the Kodak Theater!


It almost looks like she has a tiny dress stapled to the one she is wearing.

OMG! There is a cheetah loose in the theater!

I am scared of her...


  1. Fun!

    I agree - Robert Downey Jr. has NEVER looked better. It's been a long time coming, no?

    YAY for Tina Fey who I think looked better than she's EVER looked at an awards ceremony.

    The vampire guy looked like a valet.

    And seriously, Mickey Rourke looked terrible.

    You're RIGHT ON PAR about Beyonce.

    When my husband saw Sophia Loren he was like, "WHAT IS THAT?"

    I LOVED Reece's dress. She normally doesn't do anything daring. Thanks for the rundown! FUN!

  2. Beyonce's dress looked like the tapestry on the wall at my favorite local Chinese restaurant. And I was offended by Whoopi Goldberg's leopard print Snuggie.


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