Friday, December 11, 2009

Makin' cookies

A favorite family tradition of ours is decorating Christmas cookies together. I've been doing it since I was a kid. This is the same cookie and frosting recipe my mom used...even the cookie cutters are mostly the same. I have bought some new ones periodically.
The boys got to make the cut outs first and we baked them and then they got to decorate their cookies.

Hayden getting very detailed in his cookie art.

Logan had a little difficulty frosting, so I helped frost and he put the sprinkles on....on the cookie, on the counter and on the floor!

He go the shiner from his brother. Nice huh?

Hayden's cookies

This was my favorite...Logan's Santa. I think those red things are his eyes...he's possessed!

Even Chad got into the cookie decorating action. He made the Blue man group, the Jackson 5, a yellow snowman (don't eat yellow snow) get the idea.

Here is the Blue Man group.

What if any are some of your family traditions?

Life's a beach

I decided that this year we were going to take Christmas pictures on the beach and I was going to do them. I'm a glutton for punishment!

It was THE perfect day. 70 degrees and sunny. All the kids wanted to do is run. And all Bryn wanted to do it this:

and this...

Chad said, and I quote "she looks like a turd covered in sand".

Chad did this:
That is him, in the background, on his phone...the Colts were playing.

Despite one or all of them not cooperating, after about 200 or so shots, I did manage to get some good pics.

And here are the three that made my Christmas cards:

Merry Christmas!


Open For Business!

This, on top of everything else, is why I have been so busy. But I finally got it up and running! Check out Fleur de Lulu!!

Monday, November 30, 2009

Promo Code

Just for Cyber Monday I have a promo code for the Mineral Case. Get it for $19.99!!
You're welcome!

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

I totally want this

Have you ever been on Facebook and seen those annoying ads on the side and think "Who buys this crap?". I said that until this caught my eye: the Mineral Makeup storage organizer. I love my mineral make up and I have a lot of it. In my last bathroom, I had a large vanity with drawers that allowed me to easily store my make up. Unfortunately in my new bathroom I don't have any drawers and unless I break out my old Caboodles, I have nowhere to put it. Until now.

The Mineral case comes in black or brown and retails for $24.99. You can use it for travel, which is convenient, or you can set it on your vanity. Now if I can just keep the make up from getting ALL OVER the place!

Fancy Feet

I had a hard time shopping for shoes for Bryn. I didn't want cheap shoes but I didn't want to spend a fortune either and they had to be cute. Super cute. Look at these from Morgan and Milo. I love sparkles...because I'm 14...

They are even cuter in person...and on Bryn.

I love the leg warmers too! I love shopping for little girls.

She has a potential career in shoe modeling.

They are great and they go with so much. I love the rubber soles because she runs EVERYWHERE! Every now and then I will find a little speckle of glitter but all in all the glitter doesn't shed. If you want to check out some really cute baby/kid shoes go here.

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

I'm now a Virginian

I moved! It feels so good to be in my own home again, with my entire family. I couldn't ask for anything more...well maybe a job too. Currently I am living in a box forest, slowly weeding my way out. I need to paint just about everything and "make it my own". I'm also working on stock for my Etsy shop and a craft show, which I am totally behind on. I have TV shows backing up on the DVR. We all have to go to the doctor and the dentist. My driver's license is expired. I need to get Christmas pictures of the kids done. I need to start Christmas shopping at some point. I'm more than a little behind on these things. Life. is. busy.
I will post pics of my new digs stay tuned!

Thursday, October 29, 2009

I thought this day would NEVER come...

I am MOVING...finally! YAY! I can't express into words how excited I am to be moving back in with my husband after five looooong months of living apart. Sunday, November 1st we will be loading up the truck and heading north to our new home in Virginia. This has been really difficult for us and I am just thankful that it is finally coming to an end. I feel bad that I have to take the boys out of school after they just got situated but they will do great in Virginia, I have no doubt.
I will be a very busy girl for a little while! It will probably take me a good year to get totally settled and then we'll be packing up and moving again. {*sigh*} Such is the life of a military family!

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

The next best thing

By now y'all may know that I have a "thing" for nail polish. In my quest to find the next best thing, I, along with everyone else, have fallen for Chanel's Jade. It's a gorgeous pistachio green with a hint of shimmer. It is so hot for fall that it is currently NOT AVAILABLE. I really can't see spending $25 on a pot of nail polish anyway so I have been trying to find a suitable stand in. OPI had Damone Roberts 1968 and MAC had Peppermint Patti...both also unavailable. Then I found Ciaté Candy Couture in Apple Custard. It is $15, still a little much and it is shipped from England. Bummer. EUREKA! Essie's new winter collection offers the must have minty green in Mint Candy Apple and it's affordable at $8! Essie's winter collection is slated to hit stores in November but it is available online here.

Apple Custard by Ciaté Candy Couture

Mint Candy Apple by Essie

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Reason #74 why I HEART Etsy

I placed an order in July for a gold braided headband from Target. Still have not received it, so I cancelled my order. I was totally bummed because I really wanted it! I had to find another alternative. All the headbands I found were either fat, the wrong color or double or triple strand. I finally found one on go to place! This shop has some super cute this one and this one. Check em out!

Monday, October 5, 2009

I'm venting...humor me

I never anticipated that my children having friends would be so difficult...

Approximately two weeks ago my two boys were playing at the neighbor's house. My six year old, Logan, came home crying and said that Jack had hit him. Hayden, my 9 year old, had defended his brother and of course he was the one to get into trouble. They were sent home. Although I don't condone Hayden's actions, I was shocked and secretly happy that he took up for his little brother. (Jack is a bully. He is always picking on Logan and another little boy in the neighborhood.) I had a talk with them and I gave them permission to go play with the other little boy, Oscar. The mother of Jack and Oscar are friends and Kate, Jack's mom, happened to walk over to Oscar's house. She saw my boys there and yelled at them to go home. Once again they came home crying. I was sitting on the porch playing with Bryn and they told me what happened. I was so angry that she took it upon herself to tell my boys that they couldn't play with Oscar, at Oscar's house. I herded the kids into the house and shut the door. As I was shutting the door, Kate yelled my name. Honestly, I was so angry I couldn't talk to her at that moment. (It was for her protection!)

I figured that this would just blow over. They're kids. They get mad at each other one day and the next they have forgotten all about it and want to play again. (We could learn a lesson from them.) I started noticing some tension between Oscar's mother, Maria, Kate and myself. Pretty soon the kids weren't allowed to play together anymore.

Jack was at my house yesterday playing with Logan. I stepped out to tell them to play nice and clean all the toys up when they were done. I go out back to cut Hayden's hair and I hear Kate calling Jack. I went around front to make sure they were cleaning the toys up and once again Logan is in tears. "Miss Kate said that Jack cannot play here and he had to go home. I told her that Jack was going to play nice. She said 'What about you Logan?'." It was like someone lit my ass on fire at that point. I have just about had it. Allow me to backtrack for a minute. Earlier in the day the boys were playing with Oscar and they came home just before lunch. Two minutes later Oscar's mother Maria came stomping over to my house and rings my doorbell. Logan answers the door and she starts yelling at Logan. Whoa, whoa...whoa! I go to the door and she is yelling at me that along with her son my boys were in her garage and proceeded to shake, open and spray beer all over. I understand that she was mad, but don't yell at me chica! Shouldn't I be mad that she wasn't watching them? I made the boys apologize and made sure the mess was cleaned up, because that was the right thing to do. I didn't need to act like an ass, she was already doing a good job of that.

I decided that maybe I should call Kate and try and mend fences. She told me that she and Maria have been talking and that they felt that I needed to be outside more with the kids. That kids need to be "instructed on how to play" and "taught how to share and be nice". I'm sorry, what? I was too busy laughing my ass off, I didn't catch that last part. Are you effing serious lady? I am outside any chance I get. I have an 18 month old baby and I have things to do. Why do I need to hover over them? They felt that I only knew what my boys told me and not the truth and I needed to see what goes on. Hmmm, that's funny, when they play over here I don't seem to have problems with them. Only once have I sent Jack home because he grabbed Logan by the head and slammed his head on the deck for not sharing a toy. I get it, that's my fault because I didn't properly teach Logan how to share. I suppose the "beer incident" was my fault too because I wasn't outside supervising my children at the neighbor's house so her ass could "work". Now this was the pot calling the kettle black. Maria is NEVER outside. She lets her two year old little girl, Chloe, wander around outside. Her kids are always running in the street. I am forever telling them to look before crossing and several times I have had Hayden pick up Chloe and take her home. There have been a handful of times that she has been at my house playing and Maria came out 30 minutes later calling her. She could have been hit by a car or worse abducted. But I'm the bad parent.

I decided to take the high road, these are my dad's neighbors and he has to live with them once I move. I told Kate that I just wanted the kids to play. I can't be outside all the time, it's just not possible, but that I am always watching them. Always. I told her that right now it's difficult because I am basically a single parent and the boys don't have their dad around. Her response was that she was too because her husband worked nights...and she has 4 kids to deal with (a 15 year old stepdaughter and a 12 year old stepson along with her two) and her daughter is not much older than Bryn. *I must compose myself* How dare she compare her husband working nights to my husband being in the military and being gone for sometimes weeks at a time. Her husband is there to see the kids leave for school, he's there for dinner and he is there on weekends. We have been apart from Chad for more than 4 months now. He has been somewhere in the Atlantic for two weeks. We count ourselves lucky if we get to talk to him on the phone or get to see him on an occasional weekend visit. Are you kidding me lady? Go sell your crazy somewhere else! I quickly corrected her statement "Your husband working 3rd shift in NO WAY compares to my situation and a three year old and an 18 month old are VERY different developmentally. Bryn doesn't talk for one.". It is a really good thing this wasn't a face to face conversation...I can and will loose control if someone attacks me. Especially my parenting skills. I'm not the best parent in the world, but I am certainly not the worst and my kids aren't angels. I let them be kids. After a few heated words, I just let it go. It wasn't worth it.
The more and more I think about what she said to me, the angrier I get. My dad was out of town and when he returned I told him what had happened. He said that he had thought more highly of Kate...but he didn't think anything of Maria the way she lets her little girl run around. My dad is always the voice of reason. Believe me when I say he doesn't always take my side. That is why I go to him for advice. He's fair.

Moral of the story: Don't attack me as a parent or I will Lay. You. Out!

This is why I love blogging. It's cathartic. Thanks for reading...all 3 of you!

*some names have been changed to protect the annoying

My kid said WHAT?

I remember the first time I said a bad word in front of my parents. I was in Jr. High and I had called a girl a "prick". We were at dinner, at a restaurant and my parents' forks hit the plate. I think at that point everyone in the restaurant turned their heads. My dad said to me "Do you know what that word means?". I didn't. He said "It means PENIS.". Awkward. I wanted to hide under the table. I was so embarrassed. My dad told me that I shouldn't use words that I didn't understand.

I found out yesterday that Logan had said, (deep breath), the "N" word. I just about died. Hayden tattled on him but I found out that Hayden was the one who told him that word. I know for a fact that they didn't learn it from us! I kept a level head and didn't yell. I sat them both down and asked Hayden where he heard it. He said school of course, last year. He heard some kids say it and it was written in the bathroom. Interesting considering the school they attended last year is more than half black and virtually all of his friends were black. How was the word being used? Is either way acceptable? I don't think so. It's confusing for children when they hear rappers using it. Then I asked them if they knew what it meant, the conversation with my dad popped into my head. Neither did. I was a little relieved. I told them that this word is worse than any word they could ever use and it was used to describe a group of people. It was NOT an acceptable word, for anyone to use! "You shouldn't use words that you do not understand." I didn't go into any more detail than that. Not right now. I can only hope that they listen to me.

We cannot possibly be with our children every second of the day. Unfortunately, they are going to hear things, learn things and do things that we don't want them to. It is our job as parents to teach them that those things are not acceptable and steer them in the right direction. We as parents will come across embarrassing situations such as these, but it's how we handle them that makes a difference. (shooting star "The More You Know")

Thursday, October 1, 2009

Tag! You're it!

1. Who was your first prom date? Some loser

2. Do you still talk to your first love? Yeah, every time I want to induce vomiting.

3. What was your first alcoholic drink? Legally? Beer. Illegally? Beer.

4. What was your first job? I worked at Burger King in high school for 3 days, 2 of that was orientation. It was awful. I quit, I couldn't cut the mustard. I have an aversion to the kitchen to this day :) It was my second job that was the one to talk about. I worked at a dry cleaners cleaning out pockets (no joke) and pinning the little number tags on the clothes. Sounds like a job some celeb had before their big break right?

5. What was your first car? A Chevy Sprint 4 was badass, for a Chevy Sprint. It was either that or drive around in the decked out Ford Aerostar Minivan. Ahhh, I'll take the Sprint.

6. Who was the first person to text you today? Chad

7. Who was the first person you thought of this morning? Logan. Wondering if he peed the bed. (He is sleeping in my bed)

8. Who was your first grade teacher? Miss Snepp. Hiawatha Elementary School.

9. Where did you go on your first flight in a plane? Orlando, Florida.

10. Who was your first best friend and do you still talk? Kristin Bartoo. No, we haven't talked in a loooong time. Don't know anything about her.

11. Where was your first sleepover? Either at Kristin's or my friend Gina Franco's. Gina was my second BFF.

12. Who was the first person you talked to today? Logan

13. Whose wedding were you in for the first time? My Aunt Patty's...I think I was 2 or 3, flower girl.

14. What was the first thing you did this morning? Woke the boys for school.

15. What was the first concert you went to? NKOTB!

16. First tattoo? None

17. First piercing? My ears when I was a baby.

18. First foreign country you went to? Canada

19. First movie you remember seeing? Don't remember...probably something Disney. I do remember seeing JAWS. We had a pool and I was terrified to go in it after that, especially at night. Da dum da dum, da dum da dum....

20. What state (province) did you first live in? THE O-H!

21. Who was your first room mate? Katie, Carin and Julie at Ohio State

22. When was your first detention? In junior high...from talking in music class.

23. When was your first kiss? When I was 16.

24. What is one thing you would learn, given the chance? How to sew. It was either that or brain surgery. I chose the most realistic.

25. Who will be the next person to post this? IDK

Play along!

I got a rock

It's that time again! I love the month of October. The brisk cool air, leaves falling all around, scary movies, costumes, and CANDY!

Halloween is my second favorite holiday, pagan or not. Love it. Trick or treating is a blast, still enjoy it even though I am just taking my kids around. If you were like me, you always knew which houses had the best candy and which jerks gave out the apples or pennies. Pennies? Really dude, you are cheaper than the asshole that has his porch light off. There was a rumor once that the guy giving out apples was putting needles into them. He was the same guy that yelled at all the kids for walking on his lawn. He switched to pennies. Need I say more? Of course trick or treating in Ohio meant the weather was unpredictable. You never knew if you were going to have to hide your awesome costume with a parka or not. The best part was getting back home, going through your loot and eating yourself into a candy coma...ah good times!
These are some Halloween favorites:


I have a love/hate relationship with them. Great for making vampire teeth with though!


They're sweet. They're tart. They're good!


Peeps, are they just for Easter? Discuss.


I literally hoard these. SOOOO GOOD!


Snickers, Milky Way, M&M's, Baby Ruth, Butterfinger, Kit Kat, and my personal fav Twix. Almond Joy and Mounds were always in my yucky pile. Hate coconut.


We would fight over these because they were rare!


Who doesn't love Smarties? I mean, it's un-American.


It's candy then it's gum!


The flavor lasts all of 15 seconds but it was good while it lasted.


I personally do not like them but my husband does. He always steals them from the kids' stash.


Getting stuck in my teeth since 1978.


We may never know just how many licks it takes to get to the center...
Love the grape and chocolate and now they have pomegranate. Not a fan of the orange ones, gross.


Sucker good. Gum bad.


I buy these every year. So yummy.


This is crack for kids.

What is your favorite and least favorite Halloween candy?