Thursday, December 11, 2008

You are moving...get over it

Things I am hearing about my upcoming move:
-I hear you are moving to Virginia...that is great news! Why is this great news? Because I will be closer to Toledo? What difference does it make, you didn't come to visit me here what makes me think you will visit me there?
- Everything will work out, you will see. Hmmm, how so? You are one of those annoying "glass half full" people aren't you? Walk a mile in my shoes...then we'll talk.
-You will learn to love VA just as you have come to love LA. Congratulations! You have completely missed the point.
- Moving is part of Chad's job. Really, that hadn't occured to me before now!

Of course I am upset that I am moving, however that is not the issue. This issue is that I will have not one but two houses for sale and I will not be able to afford a third house (or my new car) until one or both other homes are sold. We have six months to do this. Most likely what will happen is my husband will have to move to Virginia (15+ hours away) by himself and live on base until we sell the houses. So that leaves me here in LA, with three kids, alone. I am not sure if I will be able to keep my job. I won't be able to keep the hours I currently work if I am alone. We definitely cannot afford that. Either way I am screwed. Do you see my point?
I don't handle stress well. I am literally on the verge of a nervous breakdown...throw Christmas into the mix and well you have a cocktail for disaster. Depressed doesn't even begin to cover it. So forgive me if I won't "get over it".
(Thank you for letting me vent.)


  1. I'm not going to try to make you feel better. But I will give you a big fat, THAT SUCKS.

  2. Oh yeah, and I am sorry about you situation.

  3. it sucks. that's all there is to it. and anyone who would expect you to just "get over it" is a special kind of stupid. :)


  4. Hmmm, that does suck... however if you don't want to move, then don't. Stay in one of the two houses that you would have to sell and move when you can. Do you think your husband would be down with that?

  5. you're allowed to vent. you're going thru a tough time right now.
    totally understandable. wish i was there in person to give you a hug. you could use it.

    i'll keep my fingers and toes crossed that either one or both homes will sell for you.

  6. Keep in mind that people's natural response to other's suffering is to try and make them feel better. I am a "look at the bright side" kind of person. I have to be. I don't think anyone could sense that you didn't want positive vibes sent your way (at least I didn't), and I'd never have the heart to tell someone "your life sucks. I'm glad I'm not you."



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