Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Political correctness gone awry

Survey found on Fox News:

Do you say Merry Christmas or Happy Holidays?

For some people it's a dilemma: 21 percent say they feel obligated to say "Happy Holidays" -- incorporating Christmas, Hanukkah, Kwanzaa and, perhaps, the Winter Solstice or the Seinfeldian Festivus into their seasonal hello.
But they are still a considerable minority. A full 77 percent of Americans say they say "Merry Christmas," according to a FOX News poll released Tuesday.
Democrats (28 percent), urbanites (28 percent) and Northeasterners (25 percent) are among those more likely to say they feel pressured to use a generic "Happy Holidays" greeting.
On the flip side, Republicans (87 percent), regular churchgoers (82 percent) and rural Americans (83 percent) are more likely to say "Merry Christmas," the poll found.



  1. I think that it depends on the situation you are in. I work with someone who is Jewish, and because of her and of the physical location of my office, many of our patients (no, not a majority - but a good number) are jewish.

    I feel that it is my responsibility NOT to upset/offend ANY of my patients. If they say Merry Christmas first - fine. If not, it's Happy Holidays from me.

    Now, outside of's Merry Christmas!

  2. i'm all about merry christmas. unless i KNOW that the person celebrates another holiday...

  3. i used to say "happy holidays". no more. i'm tired of pleasing others, worrying if i'm going to offend anyone (when frankly the things they come up with offend me) and being "politically correct". this past christmas it was "merry christmas and happy new year" all the time. i loved it and felt more in the christmas spirit. i had a really good christmas season this year compared to the others in the past.

    i also find myself typing out the word christmas, instead of doing the x thing. i guess at my older age i don't much care for using the x at all and would rather spell it out. looking back i guess i was too lazy to type out a few extra letters.

  4. I say Merry Christmas and I don't worry about offending anybody. I celebrate the birth of Christ, and all are welcome to join me. They don't have to, but they are more than welcome to. If they celebrate something else, of course that's cool. I wouldn't be offended if they wished me a Happy Hanukkah/Kwanzaa, etc.

    The day before New Year's Eve, I wished a little Muslim boy a Happy New Year in the grocery store. He said, "actually, I don't celebrate Christmas." Ha! I thought that was cute. He was apparently used to people wishing him a Merry Christmas and prepared to give a very diplomatic response.


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