Wednesday, December 31, 2008

The Curious Case of Benjamin Button

I have been eagerly anticipating this movie since it was being filmed over a year ago. I finally got to see it today and...I loved it. It's about the cyclical journey of life. Everything changes. We love and are loved and death is an eminent part of life. We cannot love without death. I compare it to Forrest Gump, another fantastic movie. It is a history lesson, a love story, a comedy, and a tearjerker complete with big name stars (Shiloh makes her big screen debut) and even a boat! Oh and the infamous feather is now a hummingbird. Perhaps the main reason I love the movie is one of it's main not Brad, New Orleans!

It was fun watching the movie and seeing all the places we "visited". In the beginning of the movie there is a cemetery where the clock maker buries his son who died in WWI. My friend Jill and I were watching them set up that scene while we ate Quiznos for lunch...we acted all nonchalant like we didn't know what was going down. It looked so fake when they were putting it up under the huge live oaks complete with Spanish moss for effect. It looked more like a Halloween decoration in someone's front yard. We also sat outside the "house on Lake Pontchartrain" where Brad (a.k.a. Benjamin) took his father. We were right there when they were filming, hoping to catch a glimpse of such luck. (We would see signs that said "CCBB" all over and we would check them out. Their trailers were parked near my grocery store") We also tried to pick out the other places we recognized, City Park, the obvious French Quarter, St. Charles Ave, even the road Brad was riding the motorcycle on looked strangely familiar.

It was especially interesting to see the clips of our local newscasters reporting on Katrina, which was also incorporated into the movie.

Even if I didn't live here I would have most definitely enjoyed the movie. But I since I do live here, I feel as though I am a part of this movie, and I love it all the more. It was Brad's "love letter" to New Orleans and the people who live here. A nice tribute that I can enjoy anytime.

It's a must see, even if you wait for DVD. Kudos Brad...I see an Oscar in your future!


  1. I cannot agree with you more! I loved the movie! It is indeed on the same level as Forrest Gump, our favorite movie of all time. (Saw it 6 times in 8 days in the theater!) We kept making reference to the humming bird everytime it flew on screen! I want to see it again and again! Loved it!!!

  2. I'm probably one of 3 people in the world who doesn't really like Brad Pitt - will I like this movie? I'm interested in the concept, but the fact that he's the main guy is turning me away ...

  3. A.- I completely understand. If I don't like an actor, I usually will avoid the movie. I have never seen Top Gun...I know, I know. But I cannot get past Tom Cruise. He makes me sick. I also will not watch a movie containing Kevin Costner...mainly because he can't act but I digress.
    I cannot say that you for sure will like the movie but it is a really good movie despite the fact that Brad is in it. If it makes you feel any better, he looks really old and ugly the majority of the movie.
    Wait for DVD.

  4. Great review. I loved this movie and think it will be on my list of all time favorites in the future. Great, great film.

  5. i am curious about the film. you've peaked my interest. will watch for it on dvd. i also just happen to be a brad pitt fan.

  6. I will agree that this movie was made wonderfully, but I had a very hard time with the concept of the movie. Being born as a old man kind of creeped me out. I will not ruin the movie for others, but I was also very disturbed by the ending.
    It was hard for me to watch at times. But I am also a very emotional person.

    I will say this again, it was an unbelievable screen write and was a movie that you have to see. But I was a little messed up after seeing it for a few hours.

  7. I've heard warnings that you should be an emotionally stable person before seeing this movie. Therefore, I won't be seeing it.

  8. I detest Brad Pitt so I think I will just be happy with the book as I LOVE Fitzgerald.

  9. btw, shan.....i've been entering a contest (yes, i know, me...entering contests) to win the soundtrack to "curious case of benjamin button".

    if i win, i will mail it to you.
    i seem to win all the runner up prizes, never anything good. oh well, can't look a gift horse in the mouth.


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