Thursday, October 23, 2008

It's photo time!

October is my favorite month down here in LA. It is still warm but not so humid. Last year we had our pictures taken here and I loved the scenery...right on the river with huge live oaks with moss hanging down (in true Louisiana fashion). We couldn't have asked for a more beautiful day, it was picture perfect!

Wow...I am WHITE! (Actually, I prefer porcelain.) I look like a red-headed Morticia Addams.
Bryn didn't want to smile...she was trying to figure this whole thing out. She finally smiled when we were all done. That figures! Hayden likes to make goofy faces. Although he posed for the picture below. Then there is Logan, well he is my little model. Chad calls him Hansel from Zoolander. (Logan is smarter!) After the photo shoot, he demanded an orange mocha frappachino and a massage.

"Does this bow make my head look big?"

Note: Chad is crouching in this photo so as not to appear too tall, which he is. The one hand in the pocket is Hayden's signature pose.


  1. These are beautiful photos!!! I really like the first one. You all look so happy!!! :)

  2. Bryn look beautiful on the pic with the three of them. Her eyes! Wow. The boys are sure getting big. Good lookin'.

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  4. nice photos of all of you.
    i love the pic of all the kids.
    you look good shan.
    i miss you.


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