Sunday, October 5, 2008

I punched holes in my kid's ears!

I have been struggling with the decision to get Bryn's ears pierced for a couple months now. One would think that I was making a major life changing decision, such as what to do with the housing market. Having two boys this is new to me so I polled many people to get opinions, most of which said DO IT. I even asked her pediatrician who recommended Claire's in the mall. He said it is completely fine after 4 months. Then why am I so worried about it? If the doctor said it's okay then it must be okay, right? It can't be any worse than watching her get her shots.

I want to do it while she is young is so she won't remember the torture that her mother put her mine did. Here is where I sound like Sophia Petrillo, of Golden Girl fame. Picture it, Lion Store, 1977. I was two years old. My mother dragged me into the jewelry section and seated me upon the big stool. I remember it vividly, the sound and the shear terror I felt as the sting of metal pierced my tiny ear lobe. I jumped off that stool so fast and ran into a fitting room and stood on top of the chair so nobody could see my feet. I was pretty clever for two! When they finally found me, I refused to let that witch touch me (the jewelry clerk not my mom). My mom took me home where my aunt ended up piercing my other ear, she at least numbed it first!

There you have it, my ear piercing horror story. I would have my aunt do it but we don't live anywhere near her. Instead I am going to the mall...where some 18 year-old girl with a GED, who cannot form a sentence without saying "ya know", "like" or "totally", and has her ass hanging out of her pants, will punch holes in my daughter's ears. (I think i may have misused a comma)

I broke the news to Chad that we will in fact be piercing Bryn's ears. Oh and he had to hold her too. My argument is that I always take her for shots. Surprisingly he was okay with this. I picked out her cute little earrings and the girl placed small purple dots on her lobes and I made sure that they were even. I turned my head and then *CLICK*. She started screaming, more from the sound I think. I was tearing up and some woman shopping came over to comfort me and said "she is doing great". I felt like an idiot. Here my kid is getting her ears pierced and I am crying. *CLICK* and she is all done. Chad and I comforted her and viola, she looked so pretty!

After...with tears in her eyes

She looks so pretty!

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  1. I totally remember getting my ears pierced and the trauma associated with it. I think doing it at this age is a good idea because she WON'T remember it!

    She looks adorable!


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