Monday, October 27, 2008

I love the 80's...Halloween

I love this cereal, not sure why. It's too sweet, it gets mushy as soon as you add the milk and there are not that many of the marshmallows (the best part). I have to ration the marshmallows with the cereal because once the marshmallows are gone I don't want to eat it anymore. I do like the pink milk though. We used to be able to buy it any time of the year. Now it is only available during Halloween and I can only find it at Wal*Fart. My kids love it as well but I have to buy Boo Berry and Count Chocula too. I have a pantry full of it. By next week I will have had my fix and I won't want to eat it until next Halloween.

*Is it me or does he look like Al Franken? Al Franken Berry...coincidence? I think not!


  1. My husband LOVES Boo Berry. We still have an unopened box from last year in our house. I always have to get a few boxes for him each Halloween so he can satisfy his Boo Berry cravings!

  2. i LOVE Boo Berry! and Count Chocula!! i always buy some when i see it at Target or WalMart.


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