Monday, October 6, 2008

I am obsessed...

...with these sunglasses.

They are Escada and I found them on sale for a mere $166. I LOVE THEM. I was watching The Starter Wife on USA and Debra Messing (my celeb look-a-like) was wearing them. If they look good on her then they must look good on me!

To buy or not to buy? That is the question.


  1. $166 for sunglasses? wow. i mean they look great and all...but i don't think i could spend that much on sunglasses without feeling a tremendous amount of guilt.

  2. Super cute.

    Do you wear your sunglasses EVERY day? If so, I can totally rationalize buying them.

    (I go NO where without my sunglasses.)

  3. Yes they are expensive, but I would rather spend more for the quality. I probably shoudldn't say how much I spent for my regular glasses. I just bought a pair a week ago for $20, and they already broke. They simply fell off my seat in the truck. I keep things for years so I know I will get my moneys worth. The things that I keep from year to year I have spent a little more on.

  4. Debra Messing is gorgeous. So I would make any attempt to look more like her.

    I've always wanted to buy an expensive pair of sunglasses and jeans, so I say go for it. Christmas is right around the corner, it's an early gift to yourself.

  5. I am with Ky on this one. I go NO WHERE without sunglasses. I mean, are we in the 4th grade where we loose everything and can't take care of the nice stuff?

    If you wear them everyday and get a case for them, just do it. Would you spend that much on a coat?

  6. If it is not going to break the bank, I say heck yeah. They are sure cute.

    Cheap sunglasses break and make you see funny.

  7. My loving hubby is buying them for me for Christmas...or so he says!


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