Friday, October 10, 2008

I am my father's daughter

Two things I don't usually speak about: politics and religion for obvious reasons. Well today I am going to break that rule due to an ignorant email I received from my mother. I have no choice, I must defend my point of view. There are so many that clearly don't know what the hell they are talking about. I read the bogs and twitters. I do not have a problem if you have a political belief different from mine. What I have a problem with is those that don't have the foggiest idea what they are talking about. They don't have a freaking clue. Ignorance is bliss I guess.

My father is a republican and my mother is a democrat, at least this week she is. My paternal grandfather was a HUGE democrat. He despised Ronald Reagan, who BTW was one of the best presidents this country ever elected. Being the staunch democrat he was, I don't think he would vote for Obama. The other day I sent my mother an Obama/Palin joke via email. It was just a light hearted email, poking fun at both sides. The title of said email was "Some people will do anything to get elected" and the image:

Funny right? She responded by saying: "Yes, they will, even endorsing a twit like Palin as your VP thinking that she would be an adequate substitute for Hillary!!!!!!". THIS PISSED ME OFF. Well mom, do you think she is a "twit" because you have a valid opinion about her politics or because that is how the largely liberal media portrays her? I think the latter. May I remind you that 8 years ago you supported Bush and 4 years after that? Yep, Bush. And as far as Hilary goes, people are sick of the Clintons. Hilary didn't get the nom nor was she chosen for Veep...GET OVER IT!

The following is an email I just received,written by my father. My comments are in color.

As I sit here knowing that my retirement fund is going down the tubes in the market, I hear Nancy Pelosi talk about how Congress is going to eliminate spending. Yeah... well me too bitch! I hear Obama, (spell check suggests I change it to Osama), use FDR's famous words.. "We have nothing to fear but fear itself." WTF is he talking about? What is this man of Arab decent... NO he's not Africa American... he's more white than black and definitely mostly Arab, talking about? F--- him. And I still cannot believe that anyone who isn't black (Arab) would vote for him. That's right... blacks think he's black. That they will vote for him because they think he's black is not racist. So they tell me.

If you tell a black person that you are not voting for Obama, he assumes you are a racist.

McCain was never my choice. I had my favorites but McCain was down the list. But the fact is, NOBODY can question that McCain is an American who has and would do anything for her. I thought... okay hoped, that Sarah Palin would wake women up... I'm guessing that she didn't.

Watch The View much? They hate her more than they hate McCain. Ambivalent sexism!

Now I'm going to go all feminist on you. Young white women, I'm speaking generalities, seem to think that they won't be thought of as racist if they vote for Obama. He's 'cute' (time out while I gag), and young, and he will bring us together. BS!! The man has never done anything that would bring us together and has surrounded himself with anti-Americans and terrorists. He is the most liberal member of Congress. WTF... wake the F UP!

I'm not concerned about myself. I'm much too old to care about what may happen to me. But I do care very much about my children, their children, and I care about my country. We are moving so rapidly toward socialism that it isn't funny. Communism with a little bit of a conscience. I watched the debate the other night and loved the guy who was MAD. He has a right to be. He was spot on! Obama has to be exposed for what he is.

Multi-billionaires like George Soros are funding him as well as organizations outside the U.S. George Soros?? Never heard of him? Well he's the guy who funds Move America Forward. Check out their website! Code Pink.. check there's out too. This rich bastard is about to have his way with America... and its citizens don't even know who he is. Take a look at who is supporting this man... terrorist leaders have endorsed him!

I saw a segment on Fox today... one of the reporters went to a rock concert and interviewed various people who were in attendance. He had 8x10 photos of various politicians... only one knew who Joe Biden was. At least one thought he was McCain. Sarah Palin... "I can't remember her name." Nancy Pelosi... no clue. Judge Judy... everybody knew her. These people have the right to vote. Guess who they like?

These are people who let Hollywood dictate who they should vote for. People who are incapable of coming up with their own point of view. They seek their political advice from Mtv. I boycotted Mtv 4 years ago. Still have not watched it. (OK, I do let my kids watch Nickelodeon, which is the same company. Sue me)

ACORN... have you heard about them? I'm sure you guys in Ohio have. Padding the voter registration list for Obama. Were you aware that he worked for them? He represented them as their attorney. Your Secretary of State (democrat) says he doesn't have enough time to fix the problem. GO TO JAIL.. GO DIRECTLY TO JAIL.. DO NOT PASS GO!

They interviewed a guy on Fox who registered 60 times for ACORN... he was paid to do it!

We're going to be robbed in this election... not by the BS like 'hanging Chad's' that the democrats cried about in the last election... but by a concerted effort by anti-American organizations who are going to jam the box for Obama and misguided Americans who have no clue.

I'm also sick and tired of hearing "Bush's failed economic policies". During his 2 terms we had the best of times. A year from the end the housing bubble burst and everything went to hell. What caused it? Congress ignored what was happening. They heard the regulator saying this is going to be a huge problem and said, "we don't see it." Now they just lie about it and blame Bush. I have come to believe that the democrats let it happen for the purpose of taking back the white house. Everything went to hell when the democrats took control of Congress. All you have to do is look at the record.

Gun owners... hide 'em. Obama is coming after them. Buy more ammo now!

Preaching to the choir. If I've offended anyone... well frankly I don't care! Neither do I.

This deserves the slow clap in my opinion.

{Now I am sure that you are all itching to comment. Be forewarned, only comment if you have something legitimate and intelligent to add. Otherwise I will ignore it.}


  1. I work for Move America Forward and I can tell you we're no friends of Soros. I think you've got us confused with or someone else. We've been a leading counterpoint to Code Pink, in fact. Just wanted to clarify.


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