Saturday, October 11, 2008

How many giraffes have to die!?!

I don't know about the rest of the country, but here in Louisiana (the greater New Orleans area), this purse (or styles similar) are EVERYWHERE! Now when Dooney and Burke first came out with this I thought it was cute, not me but still cute. I am all for trends but this has gone too far! I feel like I am on a freaking safari at the the store. How many giraffes can I spot? I loathe this purse. I want to call up the people at D&B and give them an ear full. Thanks to you D&B I now hate giraffes!


  1. I was more of a Coach purse kinda girl but I grew out of that. I now have an old (vintage) Louis Vuitton that I carry faithfully. (No I didn't spend $600 on a purse! It was my mother's sloppy seconds.)
    twit-I wish I could have gone to your purse party! I need a new one...bad. I could go back to my Michael Kors, again sloppy seconds. My mom buys all the cool purses!

  2. this post made me laugh because i just saw this purse while shopping today and told my mom "i love that purse!" of course, i couldn't ever justify spending that much on a purse....unless someone gave it to me as a gift. but i'd still rather have a Coach bag...but again with the cost!

  3. I just designed and ordered a custom-made, quilted fabric purse in, wait for it...giraffe fabric.

    I will think of you and your disdain for my taste whenever I carry it. :-)

  4. I saw three of these varieties at the bar last night.


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