Thursday, September 4, 2008

What an inspiration!

I have been watching the Republican National Convention the past few nights. I was really excited to watch Sarah Palin last night. This woman is remarkable! She's a mother of five, an executive, a leader, a wife of 20 years, and a real woman...with real family issues. I think it is appalling that the media and left-wing bloggers are attacking her as a mother. I applaud Obama's response, family should be off limits. She is a woman with morals and conviction. I love that she said that mother's of special needs children will have an ADVOCATE in Washington. I have a 28 year old cousin with Down's Syndrome. It is a lifetime commitment! One thing she said resonates with me: There are those that use change to promote their careers and those who use their careers to promote change. WOW!
Sarah Palin is truly an inspiration, to mothers and especially to working mothers like myself. It proves that you can have it all. What a beautiful family. They are all gorgeous! If you watched last night you would have seen a very funny and loving moment with Sarah's daughter Piper and her baby boy Trig. Piper was stroking Trig's little head, comforting him and then she licked her hand and rubbed his head, flattening his hair. It was hilarious!
I really enjoyed everyone's speeches. Very touching and even funny! John McCain was hot back in the day!
I am excited about this ticket after watching the RNC. McCain-Palin '08...Drill baby, drill!

Oh, and Us Weekly...cancel my subscription!

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  1. Amen, sister!

    I, also, cancelled my Us Weekly subscription. I guess that cover is what it took for me to realize that I am too smart for that shit. I can get my celebrity fashion news elsewhere.

    I only wish I could cancel my subscription to the mainstream media.


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