Wednesday, September 3, 2008

This calls for some retail therapy!

In the midst of my depression, I thought it called for some retail therapy! I love to shop for my kids. Look what I just bought for Bryn:

Tattoo dress from The Ravey Baby.

...and these super cute Mary Jane's from Urban Runway Baby.

I also bought her her first pair of Chuck Taylor's. Couldn't resist! The boys wanted Star Wars toys, so we went to Target and bought some toys too. They really are not into clothes, give it time! I forgot to mention that Sunday, August 31st was Logan's 5th birthday. Poor kid got gypped out of another celebration. I got him an ice cream cake from Cold Stone and we had a little party here. Plus he got to go shopping.

My birthday is Saturday the 6th, the only thing I want for my birthday is to go home and be with Chad! (although I might buy something for myself too!)


  1. i think retail therapy was totally justified and the stuff for Bryn is so adorable!!!

    i hope you get home for your b-day too!!!!

  2. I love those clothes....the little converse shoes - adorable, and the dress - awesome!

    Agree, I think retail therapy is needed


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