Tuesday, September 16, 2008

This blog is brought to you by the letter M

Logan is in kindergarten and his homework for Monday was to draw the letter M, upper and lower case. Then he was to draw something in the picture box that started with the letter M. He drew boobs. Yeah, that's right, boobs! Chad's response: "No, they don't start with M." Well, actually they do start with the letter M, Mammaries. I couldn't help but laugh, but of course I had to turn my head. Chad made him color over it otherwise it would have accompanied this post. ; )


  1. I forgot to mention that he didn't draw average size boobs. Nope he drew Giant Pam Anderson boobs. MEN!

  2. actually christmas isn't that far away if we really sit down and think about it. good for you, i'm glad to hear you're getting a head start. throughtout the year, if we're somewhere and i see something for someone, i'll pick it up because if i go back later it'll be gone and it's that much less i have to get later.

    i have a wii. i love it. especially the lego games: indiana jones and star wars. on the 23rd i'll get batman. yesterday i got the price is right. i've been playing it online and love it. i also have a wii fit. that's alot of fun. trust me, logan and hayden will love it.


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