Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Christmas shopping...already!

I have started my Christmas shopping early this year. You know, as opposed to my normal freaking out the week of because I have forgotten something. I decided it was in my best interest to get a head start. My boys are relatively easy. We usually get one big thing for them to share and then they get a bunch of individual things (toys, clothes, books, DVDs, games, etc.). Last year they got a trampoline, this year we bought them a Wii. We bought it early because we knew that closer to Christmas they would be hard to come by. It was hard enough to find one now! I am however having difficulty buying for my daughter, who will be 9 1/2 months around Christmas. She doesn't really understand the holiday, nor does she really care about presents. The other night she played with a napkin for 20 minutes. Hmmm, one pack of Mardi Gras napkins?? I am not going to go crazy this year for her but I want to get her something that she could enjoy for a while. I also want something that is organic and educational. Tall order, I know. Well I have been doing a little online shopping, as I usually do, and I came across some great options.

I love those stacker toys, but they are usually plastic. I found this soft stacker that is made with pretty fabric that makes a crinkly sound and each ring has a bell or a rattle in it. Great for hand-eye coordination and pretty adorable too!

What baby doesn't love a stuffed animal? This little pig is so cute and he is made with 100% organic cotton, stuffed with wool, and the dyes are non-toxic. I won't have to worry about her chewing on it. How cute is he?

From the same people that make the soft stacker, is this soft block set. I loved playing with blocks as a kid and these are great for babies and they are pretty!

Organic fruit basket, with plush fruit, is great for teething. Made with 100% organic Egyptian cotton. How cute! They also have a little veggie crate.
Another great thing about all these toys, they are machine washable. That is a huge plus!
Let the shopping begin!


  1. are way ahead of me! i cannot even think about xmas until after halloween. and even then i dread shopping!

    but this year will be easy. my parents have instituted a "no gift" policy this year for them. same for my sister and her husband. this year, it is all about the kids and only the kids. :) i like that!

  2. I actually own an online organic store. Sophie the Giraffe is STILL my daughter's favorite and she's 14 months old. It is hands down her favorite thing to have in the car and THE BEST TOY FOR TEETHING. if you'd like to see her. She has a whole set of friends that Athena loves also. They are made in France from natural rubber and food grade paint. I don't have EVERYTHING on my site yet (it's a work in progress with a toddler) but I can get my hands on just about everything.

  3. ps. I didn't want you to think that I'm some spammer on here... it's Nadja from Athena Bee's, friend of Two Pretzels and TWIT...

  4. Hey Nadja! Yeah I think I knew who you were. I will most certainly check out your site and thanks for the info! I appreciate it. I have two boys 8 and 5 and now a daughter. I seem to only know what boys play with. I am learning!


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