Friday, August 1, 2008

Project Runway (episode 3)

I was not blown away this week. I still can't pick a front runner. I know who I don't like: Stella, Blayne and Suede. Stella, I'm OVA THA LEATHA! Holla at cha boy Blayne because your 15 minutes is up soon! I can't stand the word/name Suede anymore. I think I will use it as a code word for my dog to attack.

What's with Sandra Bernhardt as guest judge? She looks like a man baby! Ewww.

I thought Leanne's was the cutest and most wearable. I loved her skirt! Kenley's was cute, but I wouldn't wear it. I love, love MK's analogies...looks like toilet paper in a wind storm... 80's Joan Collins kinda power bitch dress... Keep 'em coming MK!

I figured Emily was going home when Nina said that she had no comment, but I think that Stella should have gone home (she wasn't even in the bottom). Wasn't the challenge to create something with NY style that you would wear out on the town for the night? Unless the town was Sturgis, that was awful!

Hop on your Harley and ride off into the sunset, PLEASE!


  1. I would totally wear Leanne's outfit. I loved it!

    Stella, per usual, stunk. She didn't DO anything. There was no fashion to it, there was nothing unusual or different, it wasn't attractive, it stunk. You're right, she should have been in the bottom. How about she put some effort into this instead of pulling things out of her closet and tailoring them to fit a model?

    Kenley will be a finalist and I think Daniel will be too.

  2. I agree, a pretty uneventful episode. I was confused by Blayne. He just irks (Is that a word?) me!

  3. Agree, still waiting for something big to happen. The show is just "OK" at the moment.

    Kenley's was original, it wasn't my favorite...I thought a couple others were better then hers. I agree, Leanne's skirt was amazing - loved it.

    And Blayne is just a plain old idiot....he really needs to just leave the show.

  4. i too detest suede, blayne and stella. they should just send them all packing at once.

    my fave right now: kenley.

    and yeah, so far the season is a SNOOZER.


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