Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Kindergartner for a day

Monday was Logan's first day of school. And just as I did with Hayden, I took pictures of him getting on the bus and getting off the bus. (I don't know how I could see, I had tears in my eyes!)
I am sure the people driving past my house thought I was an idiot but I don't care. You only have ONE first day of school! Riding the bus was the highlight of his day.

Tuesday I went in his room to wake him up for school:

Me: Logie, it's time for school.

Logan: But I was just there yesterday!

Me: Yes, and you have to go all week.

Logan: Everyday?!

Apparently he thinks that he is done with the whole kindergarten thing in just one day.


  1. haha, cute!

    Well my parents took pictures every first day of school....even when I was in high school. It would be me, our dog and my little sister. Talk about feeling like a dork!

  2. I don't know that Logan could be any cuter.

  3. Oh what a special day! I can not believe that he is already in kindergarten! Wow, time flies. He sure looks darling.


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