Friday, August 29, 2008

Gustav is coming y'all!

Y'all I am having a panic seriously! I am evacuating tomorrow morning. I cannot believe I am doing this AGAIN! I am completely freaking out. After working 12 1/2 hours today, Chad tells me that the Coast Guard is ordering families to leave Saturday. Chad will be leaving Sunday to a NASA facility in Mississippi. There are NO hotels available in northern LA, MS, or TN. I am still unsure where I am going. Chad is at the store right now getting supplies. I just wanted to say thank you for all your positive thoughts. I get my comments emailed to me on my phone. I will be back on the computer as soon as I can...


  1. Oh yeah...Bobby Jindal you rock! Blanco and Nagin SUCK!

  2. be safe!!! all of us up here will be thinking of you.

    and i'm still hoping that gustav goes somewhere else!!!!

  3. Thinking of you & praying for you. I'm sure all will be well, but take care!

  4. Oh baby girl... My prayers and good wishes are with you. STAY SAFE



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