Thursday, August 14, 2008

Always a bridesmaid

So I was super excited to get my new Blackberry. I went into work to show off my cool new toy only to be one-upped by a co-worker.

me: "Yeah I decided to get a new phone, so I got a Blackberry. It's pretty cool, I even have internet."

co-worker: "I just got a new phone too. Check out my new iPhone."

me: "Nice! I have Verizon, they don't offer the iPhone." (crap!)


  1. Leave it to Verizon to ruin bragging points.

  2. Blackberries (at this point) are SO much better than iPhones. Really. Two words: blackberry messenger. It's FREE "chatting" with anyone else who has a blackberry.

    It's amazing.


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