Thursday, July 24, 2008

Project Runway (episode 2)

There are definitely some interesting characters this season. Usually I have a fav right off the bat but this season I am unsure. I think I am liking Kenley. I love what Natalie Portman said, she looks like a "broad from the forties". I am digging that vibe. I thought her dress should have won. It was tres chic! It was sewn the best and it just looked the most polished. It was very Runway.

Freckleface however did not like Suede's dress. It looked like a woven potholder Freckleface made in 7th grade with a tutu sewn on. Not Freckleface at all!

Blayne is still getting on my nerves. What is this "licious" crap? Well, Blayne I think you are barfalicious. He is trying too hard. I am sure Heidi is going to love being called "Darthalicious". Did I say love? I meant loathe.

Why is Stella there? I have a feeling she is a one trick pony. Stella is going to do what Stella wants. Biker chick-esque. Granted her dress was sewn well, but her style is just that, hers.

I agree with the judges about Wesley, his was awful. Short, tight and shiny = cheap. Love it Nina!

As always I cannot wait for next Wednesday!


  1. Haha! I enjoyed your recap. Especially the part where you spoke in the third person. And 'barfalicious'.

    Kenley is my early fave too.

    Stella can suck it. She frightens me a bit.

  2. I still love Keith. J'adore.

    I didn't like Suede's dress either. I guess that's why I'm not a designer nor a judge on the show (or because I'm in Ohio).

    Mickey: "Stella can suck it." Perfect!

  3. Kenley's dress was VERY Christian Soriano...

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  4. I can't stand Stella. She can suck it. :-)

    I dig the collective retro vibe of the other girls.


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