Monday, July 7, 2008

Note to all celebrities having kids:


Stop naming your kids after fruit, airplanes, cars, cities, colors, countries, numbers, planets, or worse making them up. It is cruel and you are just dooming to child to unnecessary ridicule. Other kids aren't going to give a crap if your dad won an Oscar or your mom has a star on the Hollywood walk of fame, if you have a dumb name they will make fun of you!

Nicole Kidman just had a baby girl and named her Sunday Rose Kidman Urban. If that ain't a mouthful in itself she names her after a day of the week. Jessica Alba named her baby girl Honor and Halle Berry named her baby girl Nahla Areola...uh I mean Ariela. Why can't anyone give their kids a normal name? Is that a prerequisite for becoming a celeb? In 20 years there are going to be a bunch of weird named Hollywood actors and musicians (by way of nepotism of course). I am starting to think Bruce Willis and Demi Moore's kids have normal names!


  1. i'm with you on this one...

    Sunday was born on Monday. ya think that might come up in therapy some day?

    can you imagine the class rosters at Hollywood High School when all these kids are there?

    Apple. Moses. Suri. Honor. Sunday. Nahla. Inspektor Pilot. Shilo...and the list goes on.

    I think celebs do it because they crave attention....but it's just mean.

  2. It is getting a little out of hand, I completely agree. And I never thought I'd say this, but congrats to Christina Aguilera and her husband for naming their child a normal name: Max.

    Hollywood must think they're freaks for choosing that name.

  3. When I read Nahla Areola..I did a breif pause and thought 'Oh my gosh I didn't even relize that the middle name was areola.' Ha Ha. See they are so far out that I didn't doubt that you were making a funny.

  4. hahaha! the Nahla Areola cracked me up!

    Yeah, I agree...these names are getting ridiculous and it needs to stop.


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