Thursday, July 17, 2008

I'm not lovin' it

I have a beef with McDonald's (pun intended). I rarely eat fast food. Sometimes it's a necessary evil when I am busy or when I want to treat my kids. (It is a huge deal for them to go to McDonald's or Sonic). The one time I truly crave it is for breakfast. I love the bacon egg and cheese biscuit! Today, as I was running some errands sans kids, I decided to treat myself to a delectable breakfast sandwich. It was 10:27 am. There's still time right? WRONG. I got the shaft! I felt like Adam Sandler in Big Daddy. What? Your serving lunch...but I have three minutes!?! This is wrong on so many levels. First of all who the hell eats lunch at 10:30 other than a senior citizen? Second I was there in time! No I don't want to try a big mac meal. If I wanted to consume that many calories I would eat an entire chocolate cake...and it would taste much better! Bottom line McDonald's, YOU SUCK! Things need to go back to the good ole' days when you served breakfast till 11:00 am. Am I right people?!


  1. Oh, my friend, you could not be more right. You sound very much like me. I rarely eat fast food. Not because it is bad for you per say, but because I just don't like it. And my favorite time to eat it is for breakfast. I love the McGriddles sandwitch sans the meat. Just egg and cheese. Mmmm. And I could not agree more that breakfast should be served later. I would opt for all day. That way when Ryan is in the mood for McDonalds I could actually get something besides a stupid yougurt and fries!!!!!

  2. I am a anti- Mcdonalds person, but I too treat my kids every ONCE IN A WHILE.
    I agree with you about the breakfast time.

  3. That does suck. Sometimes I think people that work at restaurants are just having fun and ruining someone's day.

    McD's breakfast is worth going into a fit of rage.


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