Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Bienvenue a Louisiane

Three years ago today we loaded up two vehicles with two kids and two dogs and a bunch of stuff and drove 20 hours to Louisiana. (It is actually about 15 hours...but not with multiple potty stops) My thoughts on living in the South thus far:
  • The weather in the summer is atrocious (hate hurricanes!)
  • The weather in the winter is fabulous
  • The bugs are big and everywhere!
  • Living here has been an experience. We have seen and done so many things that I never thought I would see or do. I love living close to the ocean.
  • I miss my family and friends. I have missed weddings and babies being born. I have to see everything via the Internet :o(

We only have about a year left. I can't wait to see where we will go next!


  1. My family and I once visited New Orleans a few years back. We were sitting in a bar/restaurant and a HUGE, we're talking three or four inch long, cockroach was next to this dude just sitting at the bar. He acted like nothing happened.

    Those Southern bugs scare me.

  2. K. I was totally thinking of this story when I was reading the blog! It made you think twice about the crunchy stuff in the soup we were eating ;)

    What an amazing experience for you and your kids! Just think of all the wonderful things they will learn and you will learn....I think that is so cool!


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