Thursday, July 24, 2008

Save some coin

Do you use astringent on a daily basis? Do you spend a good bit of money on it? Well you don't have to anymore. Go to your local drug store (I get mine at Target for something like $.89) and get a bottle of witch hazel. Best of all, it works!
(I sound like an infomercial...Billy Mays here!)

Project Runway (episode 2)

There are definitely some interesting characters this season. Usually I have a fav right off the bat but this season I am unsure. I think I am liking Kenley. I love what Natalie Portman said, she looks like a "broad from the forties". I am digging that vibe. I thought her dress should have won. It was tres chic! It was sewn the best and it just looked the most polished. It was very Runway.

Freckleface however did not like Suede's dress. It looked like a woven potholder Freckleface made in 7th grade with a tutu sewn on. Not Freckleface at all!

Blayne is still getting on my nerves. What is this "licious" crap? Well, Blayne I think you are barfalicious. He is trying too hard. I am sure Heidi is going to love being called "Darthalicious". Did I say love? I meant loathe.

Why is Stella there? I have a feeling she is a one trick pony. Stella is going to do what Stella wants. Biker chick-esque. Granted her dress was sewn well, but her style is just that, hers.

I agree with the judges about Wesley, his was awful. Short, tight and shiny = cheap. Love it Nina!

As always I cannot wait for next Wednesday!

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

...and they said elephants never forget!

If this video doesn't touch your heart, then you don't have one!

Christian the lion (part two)

George and Christian

Here is the full story from I couldn't help myself, I was crying. It was so moving.

I also found several pictures of George Adamson and Christian the lion. George Adamson is the Dian Fossey to the lions, in fact he was known as the "Baba ya Simba" ("Father of Lions") of Africa. He was sadly murdered in 1989. I remember seeing Born Free when I was little. He truly was an amazing, inspiring man.

Thursday, July 17, 2008

I'm not lovin' it

I have a beef with McDonald's (pun intended). I rarely eat fast food. Sometimes it's a necessary evil when I am busy or when I want to treat my kids. (It is a huge deal for them to go to McDonald's or Sonic). The one time I truly crave it is for breakfast. I love the bacon egg and cheese biscuit! Today, as I was running some errands sans kids, I decided to treat myself to a delectable breakfast sandwich. It was 10:27 am. There's still time right? WRONG. I got the shaft! I felt like Adam Sandler in Big Daddy. What? Your serving lunch...but I have three minutes!?! This is wrong on so many levels. First of all who the hell eats lunch at 10:30 other than a senior citizen? Second I was there in time! No I don't want to try a big mac meal. If I wanted to consume that many calories I would eat an entire chocolate cake...and it would taste much better! Bottom line McDonald's, YOU SUCK! Things need to go back to the good ole' days when you served breakfast till 11:00 am. Am I right people?!

Monday, July 14, 2008

Love these labels

I have had these labels from Family Labels for quite some time. They are a fun way to personalize your mail. Of course I erased my last name and address and for some reason my computer changed the original font. You can create your little people to look just like you and even add your pets. My boxer Killian even has the little white stripe down his nose! As my kids change I can update my little people. I love these labels!

Saturday, July 12, 2008

Designers, rock the casbah!

It's back! Project Runway Season 5 premieres on Wednesday. This is my favorite show. I watch the reruns anytime they are on and I never get tired of it. It has all the things I love: fashion, reality, drama (it's a mother f***ing walk off!), and comedy. I can't get enough of it. Whether it's Tim Gunn's catch phrase "Make it work", Michael Kors' fabulous one-liners "All she's missing to me is a cigarette and a beret and she's Paris 1957; and it's a little Shirley MacClaine when she played a hooker in 'A Heart of Gold', or the quirky designers like Santino, Andrae, and Christian. I am a self confessed addict.

Friday, July 11, 2008

The boys are back in town...

My boys are back from grandma's house in St. Louis. I picked them up yesterday at a Cracker Barrel outside of Memphis. They have been home for a little more than 15 hours and already my house is a mess again. It was nice while it lasted, but I am glad they are home!

Monday, July 7, 2008

Alter egos?

Has anyone seen these two women in the same place at the same time?

Michelle Obama


Note to all celebrities having kids:


Stop naming your kids after fruit, airplanes, cars, cities, colors, countries, numbers, planets, or worse making them up. It is cruel and you are just dooming to child to unnecessary ridicule. Other kids aren't going to give a crap if your dad won an Oscar or your mom has a star on the Hollywood walk of fame, if you have a dumb name they will make fun of you!

Nicole Kidman just had a baby girl and named her Sunday Rose Kidman Urban. If that ain't a mouthful in itself she names her after a day of the week. Jessica Alba named her baby girl Honor and Halle Berry named her baby girl Nahla Areola...uh I mean Ariela. Why can't anyone give their kids a normal name? Is that a prerequisite for becoming a celeb? In 20 years there are going to be a bunch of weird named Hollywood actors and musicians (by way of nepotism of course). I am starting to think Bruce Willis and Demi Moore's kids have normal names!

Friday, July 4, 2008

Fireworks safety: as if you didn't know

The following are actual warning labels on fireworks.

  • DO NOT USE ALCOHOL WITH FIREWORKS. Please do not consume any alcohol while lighting or handling fireworks. Fireworks must be used only by individuals who act in a responsible manner and who are not under the influence of alcohol or drugs. If you are impaired in any way when you use fireworks, you increase the possibilities of misuse and injury to yourself and others. (Aren't the people using the fireworks usually drunk?)

  • KEEP CLEAR OF THE FIREWORKS. Never put your head or any part of your body over the top of any fireworks product. Never look into a tube to check on the firework item. Never hold a lighted firework item in your hand. Keep as far from the firework item as possible when lighting. (Yes, people are that dumb!)

  • BE CAREFUL WITH ANIMALS.The noise and lights of fireworks often frighten some animals, so it is very important that you are careful with pets and farm animals. You may want to consider moving the animals away or keeping them inside during your display. Please be considerate of your pets and animals when using fireworks. (DO NOT use in a frog's butt!)

  • PURCHASE FIREWORKS FROM RELIABLE DEALERS.Buy fireworks only from reliable, licensed fireworks dealers. Licensed and reliable dealers will only carry those products that meet standards set and enforced by the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission. Do not use illegal explosives; do not alter any firework device; do not make your own fireworks. (Do not buy them out of the back of a pick up truck on the side of the road!)

  • DO NOT TRANSPORT FIREWORKS ON AIRPLANES.It is a violation of federal aviation law to transport any fireworks device on an airplane. Please respect this law and do not attempt to carry any fireworks onto an airplane or transport them in your luggage. (If you do you will end up in a federal "pound you in the ass" prison.)

  • USE FIREWORKS OUTDOORS.Never use fireworks indoors; only use them outdoors under safe conditions. (Thank you for clarifying that...I would have never thought of this!)

  • NEVER USE THE FIREWORKS AS WEAPONS.Never aim, point, or throw any fireworks at another person or at any property. (This is a stick up. Don't do anything stupid. I've got a cherry bomb!)

  • USE CARE IN HANDLING FIREWORKS.Do not carry fireworks in your pocket or on your person. It is preferable to keep the products in a closed container before ignition. Always be careful in handling fireworks to prevent dropping them. Never smoke when handling fireworks. (Or try to light them with your cigarette or vice versa.)

  • CHILDREN SHOULD NOT HANDLE FIREWORKS.NEVER LET CHILDREN HANDLE, PLAY WITH, OR LIGHT ANY FIREWORKS. ONLY ADULTS SHOULD HANDLE AND LIGHT THE FIREWORKS. The fireworks are great family fun, but they burn very hot and are intended to be handled only by adults. (Dammit....I was going to let Bryn shoot off her first bottle rocket! Haha get it? Bottle rocket!)

Happy Birthday America!

Be safe and have a happy 4th!

Tuesday, July 1, 2008


Has anyone seen this show? What is it about watching people hurt themselves that I find so damn funny? I have not laughed so hard in a long time!
Wipeout is an American version of the the Japanese game show MXC (Maximum Extreme Challenge), which is freakin' hilarious! It is hosted by John Anderson from 'SportsCenter' and John Henson of 'Talk Soup' fame. Their commentary is great, especially John...Henson.
Check it out. It is on Tuesdays.

Bienvenue a Louisiane

Three years ago today we loaded up two vehicles with two kids and two dogs and a bunch of stuff and drove 20 hours to Louisiana. (It is actually about 15 hours...but not with multiple potty stops) My thoughts on living in the South thus far:
  • The weather in the summer is atrocious (hate hurricanes!)
  • The weather in the winter is fabulous
  • The bugs are big and everywhere!
  • Living here has been an experience. We have seen and done so many things that I never thought I would see or do. I love living close to the ocean.
  • I miss my family and friends. I have missed weddings and babies being born. I have to see everything via the Internet :o(

We only have about a year left. I can't wait to see where we will go next!