Monday, June 30, 2008

A Dear Mom letter

On Saturday my two boys went to St. Louis to spend some time with their grandma (my mom). I drove to Memphis to meet my mom at a Cracker Barrel where she picked them up. She is planning on taking them to the zoo, the Arch and the science center. My son Hayden sent me this email today.

Dear mom,
I miss you very much.Just I will be glad to see you when
me and Logan get home.Also to let you know that Logan,
Bobby,Grandma and I will go to the zoo tomorrow.And I
get to take a nother walk Toby again like yesterday.I will
go to a lot of places and have a lot of fun while I'm here.
But most of all,I miss you a lot and I love you a lot, too.

Sincerely your son,

I thought I would enjoy my time away from them. I figured I could get a lot done. But getting emails like this just makes me miss them all the more! Hayden is such a big help to me and now that he is not here I realize just how much of a help he is. If anything I appreciate him even more. I can't wait for them to come home!

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  1. Ashton just went away for a week to stay with my sister in Columbus so I know how you feel. You think it will be a nice break but then you totally realize how nice it having them around.


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