Friday, June 20, 2008

Crawfish boil

For Father's Day we had a New Orleans style crawfish boil with some great friends the Robichaux's. My dad (aka Motorcycle Grandpa) came in from North Carolina. This was the first time my dad has seen Bryn. Our friend Mr. Robichaux, born and raised here, cooked for us. We had crawfish, shrimp, potatoes, corn, sausage, onions, garlic, mushrooms and of course beer.


Here are the crawfish before the feast.

Fun with crawfish

Logan liked to "play" with them. Ouch!

Hayden, not so much.

The kids helped Mr. Robichaux clean the crawfish and pick out the dead ones. Gross.


I can almost hear them scream!


Mr. Robichaux stirring the pot.

That's a lot of food!



Uh, might want to peel them first.

Bryn had fun too!

Logan rode off into the sunset...Hey does that thing get good gas mileage?

My dad has always wanted to go to a crawfish boil. We even had some Zydeco music playing for effect. A great time was had by all!
(We had jumbalaya the next day with the leftovers)


  1. UM YUM!!!!!!! This sounds like a blast!

    My family and I do a crawfish boil at least once a year! It is SO much fun! We order from a company in New Orleans that will send them to us alive. The best part is after they are cooked just throwing them on our table on newspaper and digging in while you drink a cold beverage!

    Cajun/creole food is my absolute favorite! I need to get down there again soon!

  2. Bryn is darling(so are the boys). Looks like FUN!

  3. How fun! You are so Cajun now. Nearly unrecognizable, actually.

    I can tell your dad loves having a granddaughter!


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