Sunday, May 25, 2008

What's on my DVR?

I am so busy I really don't have much time to watch TV. I record everything that I must watch. Then I can watch them at my own pace. Chad and I have rules that we don't delete each other's shows. I told him that if he touches my shows I will kill him in his sleep. (I am kidding! Seriously, he better not.) I have all summer to watch this stuff and the other things I am planning on recording. I will watch them, eventually...
Here is the run down on what is on my DVR.
  • Three episodes of LOST
  • Two episodes of Grey's Anatomy
  • The Office season finale (I did watch this, but I have to see it again.)
  • Miami Ink (last week)
  • Top Chef (last week)
  • The Soup (I almost said Talk Soup again. I am really showing my age!)
  • Ugly Betty (I don't watch this show, I just wanted to see Chrisitan Siriano)
  • Four episodes of Ni Hao Kai-Lan (Nickelodeon cartoon for my 4 year-old. He loves this show. He may have an Asian thing.)
  • House season finale
  • Bones season finale
  • Four episodes of Flight of the Conchords
  • Knocked Up (love this movie)
  • Georgia Rule (I have every intention on watching this...really I do.)
  • Saturday Night Live with Steve Carell
  • Oprah Winfrey (Dr. OZ helps people with OCD. Apparently I have a hoarding disorder when it comes to shows on my DVR.)
  • Two more episodes of SNL (I already watched them but just in case)
  • Throwdown with Bobby Flay (There is an awesome recipe on there for fried chicken.)
  • Ghosthunters (Chad's)
  • Every football game the Colts played last season. (These are my husbands. You know so he can go through the games play by play and try to help them improve next season. I know Coach Dungy is relying on him!)

I am ashamed to admit this but I am planning on recording Living Lohan. What is wrong with me?!

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