Thursday, May 15, 2008

Ten years and counting...

My ten year anniversary is coming up on the 22nd. I have been hinting around at what I would like but I don't think that my husband can take a hint. I want a new wedding band. When we got married we were both kind of poor so I opted for a plain gold band and the much nicer more expensive platinum engagement ring. I haven't been wearing my ring because one of the brackets that flank the diamonds is loose. Here is me hinting around:

I really need to get my ring fixed and while I am there maybe I will check out some bands.


Isn't the tenth anniversary the 'buy your wife a new band' anniversary?

He ignores me. But this is what he said to me the other day:

Chad: I really wish I had some music to listen to while I am at the gym or jogging.

Me: Really? Do you want to borrow my iPod? (I got a dirty look.)

Chad: No!

Me: Do you want one for our anniversary? I was going to get you satellite radio but if you would rather an iPod I will get you what you want.

Chad: I don't want a gift.

Me in my head: Well I do and it better be a good one!

So like a good wife with my first paycheck back to work I went out and bought him an iPod and an itunes card. See, I can take a hint!

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  1. I'm happy to lobby your husband on your behalf.

    I think you definitely deserve a band after 10 years.


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