Friday, May 2, 2008

My your truck is well equipped!

Have you been in your car, just running errands or something and you see this in front of you...

and then you spit your Starbucks across your dashboard in horror. Who is the bonehead, no pun intended, who came up with these? They are called Bull Balls, Big Boy Nuts, Truck Balls, Truck Nuts, Truck Nutz, Bumper Nuts or Biker Nutz and they are 'made to swing'. To quote Wikipedia "truck balls resemble oversized human testicles inside scrota of various colors". I'm sorry...WHAT? That is just gross. It's not manly or cool. Do you know what this says to me? That you are a douche bag who needs a set of chrome (or aluminum) balls to compensate for your..hmm..hmm...shortcomings. LOSER!


  1. It depends on the day...but sometimes I laugh at these dumb things and other days it makes me want to flip off the jack-ass driver and ram his truck. YOUR BALLS ARE SHOWING!

  2. My next store neighbor had these on his truck. We were embarrased just to be living next to somebody who would have these. We thought about stealing them in the middle of the night just so we did not have to look at them. But thank goodness he took them off.

  3. I'm sure t.w.i.t. will attest to this... m-ville has them all over the place! Every big rig, purchased or owned in a 20 mile radius of m-ville has these lovelies hanging from their hitch...

    I’m sure their mom’s are happy that they just show their family jewels like that… how embarrassing!

  4. I have NEVER seen these before! It's a good thing, too. Because, if I did, I'd probably be in jail for felonious assault.

  5. Carter Nitty Gritty and I are neighbors and I couldn't agree MORE with her.

    Our mutual neighbor (father of 3) had them on this truck and it was SO embarrassing. I can remember the conversation with my Mom who was visiting:

    Mom: "Um, are those what I think they are"?

    Me: "Yes Mom, apparently his truck has balls."

    Mom: Silence. "That is so tacky."

  6. OMG. I have never seen those.

    Tacky is a good word for them though. And stupid.


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