Sunday, May 4, 2008

A little gingecation

This is according to Wikipedia, I love Wikipedia.

Red hair (also referred to as auburn, ginger or titian) varies from a deep orange-red through burnt orange to bright copper. It is characterized by high levels of the reddish pigment pheomelanin and relatively low levels of the dark pigment eumelanin. People with red hair are often referred to as redheads. Approximately 1% to 2% of the human population has red hair. It occurs more frequently (between 2% and 6% of the population) in northern and western Europeans, and their descendants, and at lower frequencies throughout other parts of Europe, Asia and Africa. Red hair appears in people with two copies of a recessive gene on chromosome 16 which causes a change in the MC1R protein. It is associated with fair skin color, freckles, and sensitivity to ultraviolet light, as the mutated MC1R protein is found in the skin and eyes instead of the darker melanin. Cultural reactions have varied from ridicule to admiration; many common stereotypes exist regarding redheads, and they are often portrayed as the “fiery-tempered redhead”.

Here are some famous redheads throughout history, some I have to admit I did not know of.
1. Christopher Columbus
2. Van Gogh (Bonaduce kinda resembles him, ya think?)
3. Queen Elizabeth I
4.William Shakespeare
5. George Washington (really? I guess under the powdered wig)
6. Susan Sarandon
7. Geena Davis
8.Rupert Grint (Harry Potter movies)
9. Marg Helgenberger
10. Phillip Seymour Hoffman (love him)
11. Andrew Jackson
12. John Glenn (fellow Ohio native, I went to high school right next to his home town)
13. Molly Ringwald
14. Thomas Jefferson
15. Nicole Kidman
16. Ewan McGregor
17. Napoleon Bonaparte
18. Lucille Ball (natural?)
19. Wilma Flintstone
20. Lizzie Borden (mmmm)
21. General Custer
22. Emily Dickinson
23. Harold "Red" Grange (football)
24. Judas (I thought Lizzie Borden was bad)
25. Margaret Sanger
26. Ann-Margret
27. George Bernard Shaw
28. Mark Twain
29. Martin VanBuren (3 prezes!)
30. Sarah Ferguson (the original Fergie)
31. Carol Burnett
32. Ron Howard (Opie!)
33. Robert Redford
34. Eric Stoltz


  1. Good for you! I love the redheads that ROCK IT!

    PS I worship Ewan McGregor.

  2. you forgot; debra messing (will & grace) she reminds me of you; pretty and funny.

    also, gillian anderson from the x files.


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