Wednesday, May 28, 2008

I am so inspired

My Memorial Day was spent watching the Jon and Kate plus 8 marathon on TLC. I love this show (couldn't agree with you more Two Pretzels ). Kate Gosselin is an amazing woman. I have three to her eight and sometimes I feel like pulling my hair out. Her house is immaculate, I know what you are going to say. She has it cleaned so that they can film. I don't think that is entirely true. I have seen enough of the show to know that she is a bit of a clean freak. In that respect we are a lot alike. However she has the patience of a Saint, something that I lack.

After watching the show and seeing how they handle eight children under the age of eight, I feel inspired. If they can do it with eight I can certainly do it with three. Granted she has the help of family and friends, again something I am lacking, but not all the time. Love her or hate her, what she does on a daily basis is truly amazing. She is so organized and put together, I strive to be as great as she is. I love that she and Jon have a plan. They plan everything, (they kind of have to). Plus I love the banter between Jon and Kate. It reminds me of Chad and myself.
So many times I think that I can't do something because my children are holding me back, like shopping. I shouldn't give a crap what everyone else thinks of me or my children. We are a family and we go together.


  1. Not to mention that this is a great family show. There are not too many things that I let my kids watch, but I feel comfortable letting them watch this show.

  2. Oh and the episode where they took Alexis to the reptile museum, that is where my uncle works. He is one of the herpetologists at Clyde Peeling's Reptileland.

  3. I want to kidnap Aaden! I love those kids. they are adorable!!

  4. I'm in love with them too! Great family, funny couple and adorable kids!

  5. i love this show too! although i have NO IDEA how she stays sane with 8 kids. wow.

    and the one twin, Mady...yeah, she acts just like my 4 year old. it's hilarious...all the drama and crying. that's what i deal with. almost daily.


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