Saturday, May 3, 2008

The fastest two minutes in sports

I was eagerly aniticipating today, the first Saturday in May, The Kentucky Derby. I watched the red carpet all the way to the end. I was cheering on the lady of the day, filly Eight Belles. She was the only filly among 19 colts and the first filly to run in the Derby since 1999, the last to win was Winning Colors in 1988. The minute the horses were out of the gates it was on. I watched, literally on the edge of my seat as they rounded the last turn on to the finish. Big Brown, was the favorite and he proved to be the safe bet. What can Brown do for you? Well, he can win you a hell of a lot of money. In second was Eight Belles, she ran her heart out, so much so that she collapsed. I saw her down and was worried, its never good when a horse is down. When the veterinarian announced that she had two compound fractures of her front ankles and she had to be euthanized I was so upset. The last time I was that upset about a horse was Barbaro in 2006. I get overly emotional when it comes to animals. I can't even watch movies about them. Eight Belles may not have beat Big Brown, but she kicked all other 18 colts' asses! R.I.P. Eight Belles.

Eight Belles and Big Brown

All too many racehorses come to a gruesome end in Mexico and Canada. End the transport to slaughter of American horses to Mexico and Canada. Go to American Horse Slaughter Prevention Act for more information.


  1. Ohmygoodness, in my ignorance I had never even considered this.

    I had no idea.

    Thanks for bringing that to my attention. And, I have to tell you I'm an animal lover, too. This stuff is tough.

  2. I cried too for Eight Belles. It was all so sad....but as soon as they brought those horse ambulances on the track and surrounded her...I knew it had to bad.

    It just seems like such a freakish accident and a waste of a gorgeous animal.

    But man, did that girl hold her own against all those "boys"! So amazing.


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