Sunday, May 11, 2008

100 scenes: 26-50...

26. Sitting on the front porch with my grandparents and just hanging out.
27. My first plane trip to Florida.
28. Parasailing in Key West and seeing a shark (drop me in this water and I will sue!)
29. Going on the rip cord at Cedar Point with my husband and my ex-brother in law
30. My dad taking me shopping at City Center and letting me get whatever I wanted for my high school graduation
31. The neighborhood block party and staying up late riding our bikes around the neighborhood
32. Swimming in the ocean in Myrtle Beach with my dad on rafts. We were so far out that the lifeguards were waving us in. There were also all these fish jumping out of the water and my dad said “There is only one reason fish would jump out of the water…get your hands and feet out of the water.” We were laughing so hard because we looked like idiots.
33. My grandpa taking Chad and I to The Original hot dog place, Anderson’s, and then getting us ice cream afterward.
34. Listening to Hayden sing “Here I am” by Tracy Silverman at bedtime when he was 2. (It’s on a bedtime CD called On a Starry Night. It’s really great!)
35. Upon bringing Hayden home from the hospital and not knowing what to do with him, we stayed up with him and just held him and watched movies by the fire.
36. Riding in my grandpa’s big ol’ LTD. The smell and the warmth of the red vinyl seats in the sun, listening to Along Comes Mary by The Association.
37. Looking into my children’s eyes and just starring in awe.
38. My 6th birthday. I got a 'Lucy' from Peanuts watch.
39. Going to JoJo’s for pizza and playing Forever in Blue Jeans by Neil Diamond and Elvira by The Oak Ridge Boys over and over.
40. Getting a great opportunity to go to a NASCAR race at MIS to see Greg Biffle. We sat in the pits, and we even got to sit in the rumble seat (above the pits where the crewcheif sits). Then he won! Nicole, his girlfriend and now wife, dragged us to the winner’s circle and we got our pictures taken like celebrities and we were on TV. 06/19/2005 Father’s Day.
41. Going to Saks Fifth Ave in Chicago with my friend Melissa and trying on fancy hats, we were 12.
42. Having my grandparent’s house filled with over 100 reptiles and amphibians (they were on their way to a reptile show. My uncle’s best friend owns Reptile Land in Pennsylvania). I got to hold a very large python.
43. Receiving an ‘honorable mention’ at the Governor’s Art Show in Columbus. It was a tribute to Andy Warhol. He did a silkscreen of Marilyn Monroe, I did Madonna. It was my favorite piece I had ever done. (My art teacher stole it, apparently he really liked it too!)
44. Being in the front row at The House of Blues and seeing the Kings of Leon. We saw them afterward and I was too shy to say anything to them.
45. Graduating from ultrasound school Magna Cum Laude.
46. My first car...I wrecked it.
47. The blizzard of '78. We got picked up on a snow mobile and rode to my grandparents house.
48. Going to the lake house with all my family. I would catch frogs and crawfish, hang out on the beach and play cards. It was a blast.
49. My grandma taking me to see E.T.
50. The canoe trip with my boss. We all had water cannons and it was freezing! I also got my head stuck in the canoe (don't ask). We were drinking needless to say. A good time was had by all!

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